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kbcat17 Ban Appeal

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New Fish
Dec 24, 2021
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
Second Ban​
When were you banned
Mar 14, 2022​

Why were you banned?
Original Appeal: https://forums.minr.org/threads/kbcat17-ban-appeal.6304/

Over a year ago I was banned during my review for green rank for an incident that occurred about year prior to that review. That incident occurred during HC in the map "Scoured Lands". Through Discord, I was messaged by a player I collaborated with before, who gave me the answers to the map. That player used X-Ray on the map and gave me the answers. I was struggling on the map for a while and upon seeing the answers, I gave in and regrettably cheated.

I ended up logging off the server for a year or so and eventually started playing again. This time, I finished HC and applied to green rank. During this process I found out that I was banned by the server for cheating in HC. I was pretty disappointed and when I wrote the appeal, the moderator stated that I was banned for hacking which is a different reason mentioned in the server login page. I never received any further clarification so this entire incident is my best guess as to why I was banned in the first place.​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
I take full responsibility for cheating on "Scorned Lands". I exploited an unfair advantage and I sincerely apologize for doing so. I knew it was wrong when I did it, I knew that when I logged back in, and I know it now.

I want to reiterate that to my knowledge, outside of this single occurrence, I did not cheat before or after this situation. Further, during my time on the server, I have never hacked. I had a moment of weakness and used the answers given to me on that single map a year before the actual ban. To the best of my knowledge, outside of this map, all of the HC maps I beat were done truthfully; I did not cheat on them in any way.

I have waited over a year to write this appeal in the hopes that my ban can be overturned. If Minr considers my appeal, I will try to earn back the trust of the server which I know I have damaged. Again, I am deeply sorry for this entire situation and I want to thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. Please let me know if you have an specific questions or any general comments I can address.​
Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

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Oct 26, 2013
@Ajdj was the banning staff and will review this appeal when available.


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
First Appeal: https://forums.minr.org/threads/kbcat17-ban-appeal.6112/
Second Appeal: https://forums.minr.org/threads/kbcat17-ban-appeal.6304/

Looking back the the particulars for this ban, this was for cheating in HC. I realize my use of the word "hacking" was a misnomer in the previous appeal, and I apologize for any confusion that caused.

We take rule violations seriously on the server, but it's been long enough that I'm willing to give you another chance. Should you wish to re-apply for green, you will need to complete the following 2 maps first:

- Transmute (Puzzle)
- Fractal Maze (Maze)

You must complete these maps alone! If someone else is in the map, you will need to wait for them to leave the area you are in.

Please respond letting me know you've seen these extra conditions and I'll accept the appeal.


New Fish
Dec 24, 2021
Thank you so much for your consideration, I accept these conditions for my second chance at green rank.
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