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KO_Stegosaurus Ban Appeal

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New Fish
Jul 30, 2023
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
First Ban​
When were you banned
Jul 30, 2023​

Why were you banned?
"Mute Evasion"​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
Me and my friend were joking in chat. We apparently were "trolling" and got muted, okay, that's fine, muted for an hour we didn't really mind. After we were muted, I messaged one individual to pass along a message to the admin who muted me (mostly as a joke) then went back to parkouring. Apparently, that was grounds to ban me permanently for mute evasion. Then, when my friend joined the discord to plead my case, he was permanently banned for "trolling." I cannot comprehend how this is a fair punishment. You want to mute us for annoying you? Fine. But clearly my intent was not mute evasion, otherwise I would have been spamming /msg constantly not sending a single message. Additionally, the admin who banned us said that we could "continue what we were doing in each others dms" which clearly implies the use of /msg while banned is allowed, otherwise how could we continue? Also, if we are not supposed to use /msg when muted, why is it something we are capable of doing? Overall, it just feels like we were victims of an overzealous admin with a power rush. If you think we are trolling, then it's your prerogative to mute us, I agree, but banning two people basically because you can is frankly absurd. Since "this field is entirely about [me] and why think deserve another chance," I'll end with this: maybe the admin didn't like us messing around in chat, fine. Maybe he/she thought we were trolls or whatever, but we were never even given a chance to prove we weren't. If we'd kept up our behavior even after the 1-hour mute, then yeah, I'd say a ban for trolling or whatever else is warranted, but we weren't even given that first chance. So that's why I believe myself and my friend deserve not our second chance, but the first chance we were just robbed of.

My friend's username was ooberballs and the admin who banned us was wavelyte, I believe that's spelled correctly but I'm unsure. Unfortunately I cannot provide any screenshots because we were banned, though I doubt your admin bothered to take any either. I will openly admit the things I have quoted may not be word for word (again, no chance to screenshot) but it was damn close to what was said.

Just give myself and my friend the mute and due process like everyone else receives. We were robbed of the chance to prove we aren't what the admin believed us to be. So, I simply ask for that chance.

Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

Alert - all users
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New Fish
Jul 30, 2023
I'd like to request that a third party BESIDES the admin who banned myself and ooberballs review this out of fairness to myself and him, please.


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
You want a different admin to review this? I can oblige, but you might not like my interpretation of events.

Timeline of events:
[2023-07-30][21:04:03] - KO_Stegosaurus is muted
[2023-07-30][21:04:14] - ooberballs is muted

48 seconds later, KO harasses the admin and gets banned.
[2023-07-30][21:04:51] [Server thread/INFO]: KO_Stegosaurus issued server command: /msg wavelyte fat

6 minutes later, an attempt to verify an account on discord is made.
[2023-07-30][21:10:26] [Server thread/INFO]: ooberballs issued server command: /discord verify
[2023-07-30][21:10:36] [Server thread/INFO]: [Minr] ooberballs verified their Discord account (280154189668024332).

Discord account 280154189668024332 is named kostego, with a local nickname of Stego, matching the other username in this pair.

That discord account sends the following messages:
Stego: regardless banning someone for "mute evasion" after sending one message simply asking them to send along a message is simply abuse of power
Stego: I think its a little absurd to ban someone for mute evasion after sending one message
Stego: He had the option to spam /msg but he clearly didnt so

3 minutes after the discord conversation ends, ooberballs messages someone claiming that someone else is using their discord, and are promptly banned as the admin realizes that this was ban evasion.
[2023-07-30][21:18:26] [Server thread/INFO]: ooberballs issued server command: /msg <redacted> tell wavelyte there is an imposter impersonating me in the discord
(Further down we deduce that this statement is a lie.)

So there's 2 possibilities here.
1. The discord account is ooberballs'. This doesn't make sense because they're referring to ooberballs' actions in third person in the discord messages above.
2. The discord account is KO_Stegosaurus', meaning that the verification code was shared.

After reading both of your appeals, ooberballs admits that the code was shared in their appeal, meaning #2 is what actually happened:
I also did give away my discord verification code and I think part of the reason I was banned was because of what someone else said under my name.
Stego also lies in their appeal about who actually joined the discord.
Then, when my friend joined the discord to plead my case, he was permanently banned for "trolling."
I agree, but banning two people basically because you can is frankly absurd.
This wasn't a ban because 'they could'. It was a ban for Rule 1 (Chat offenses), and Rule 5 (Ban Evasion) on the server rules located here: https://wiki.minr.org/Server_Rules.

The fact that this admin put this together in a matter of minutes is impressive, and shows our team's dedication to keep our server free of disturbances.

In summary, you both lied to staff, and giving your banned friend access to the server discord made this so much worse for the both of you.

Rule 1 suggests an appeal time of 1-6 months, and rule 5 suggests a ban increase of 2-3 times the evaded punishment. Because of this, I will not entertain an appeal until November 1st 2024, 15 months from now.

P.S. If wavelyte had reviewed this they probably would have gone easier on your appeals.
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