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Game Re-Looking at your Maps.

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by DumbMutt, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. DumbMutt

    DumbMutt New Fish Greenie

    Hey guys! It's me dumbmutt, and I'm here to kindly suggest for map creators to look over their maps.

    You may be finding yourself asking why you should do this, as you rightfully should be. This post is meant for creators of AESTICALLY pleasing maps, as an example, (Outpost). In the map outpost, I have found several skips skipping the side rooms in checkpoint 3, a way to skip all the way to the triple Neos, and in matter of fact a way to skip the TRIPLE NEO THEMSELVES. Crazy right?

    Issue: The main issue is people attempting for an amazing aesthetic look, but forgetting about overall parkour, and skip potential. Rmanimal said: "Maps that shoot for aesthetic look instead of parkour quality normally have skips" (Not actual word for word but basic idea) He also said, "Did they even look over the map" (no offense to anyone)

    Point: The point is, creators with Aestically pleasing maps, or just any map in general need to re-look over them. Even in un-suspected areas.

    Skip List: I have found skips in: Minion rush (Patched), Retrograde (Patched), Outpost (I have found 5 all patched but still looking), Queens Nest 2 (Bug, but Patched) and several others. This isn't me flexing on what maps I've found skips in, this is just a lack of looking over your maps in general.

    Thanks - Thanks for reading this, if so please be more careful with your maps.


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  2. DumbMutt

    DumbMutt New Fish Greenie

    Sorry about the colors.. hehe..
  3. Hex

    Hex Board Boy Mod Board

    Well, you mentioned my map by name, so I think that invites me here.

    I will take my map as an example.

    Do you actually know how many times I ran over that parkour? How much avoiding skips was on my mind when I was routing it? How many times skips got found that made me restart sections? To claim that I had a "lack of looking over my map" is horribly presumptuous. When you only see one skip, you don't grasp the full picture of the dozens of others that have been found, or made impossible by design choices, or altered in so many other ways.
    These maps do get tested. Some a bit less sure, but they do. We patch a lot of stuff, and only looking at the stuff we haven't caught yet and assuming that we've just been lazy is incredibly short sighted.
    It's akin to speedrunners chastising game devs for skips they find. Sometimes they're right in your face, sure, but most of the time it's unreasonable for a player to chastise the devs for not doing that specific sequence of actions to find that specific glitch.
    In fact, the best way to be proactive is to try and find skips instead of getting on the map dev's case about it. Clearly you have been doing that, so what does asking us to check stuff more thoroughly accomplish? I've found maybe dozens of skips over time. The community being able to find and report skips is a POSITIVE, not an UNWANTED NEGATIVE. For map creators to check in unexpected areas they'd need to expect some amount of plausibility that something might be there, which seems a bit paradoxical.
    As a community, we should be helping map creators find skips, not chastising them for not finding them. The presence of skips isn't what makes a good or bad map. They can be patched, and outside of actively searching for them they don't affect much. Expecting map creators to anticipate every angle the player can jump at in every part of their map is unreasonable (do you know how big Outpost is?) and it only serves to invalidate the work map creators have already done.
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  4. I don't think you realise how much time we have spent looking for skips in outpost, not just the creators but many greens+ as well. I replay my maps once every 2-3 months to look for skips, bugs and glitches. Saying we have to relook at our map is liking saying to look for a needle in a haystack.

    We really do appreciate people telling us where skips are, we don't appreciate people telling us there are skips and not saying where or not telling us there are skips altogether.

    Please don't act like we don't look for skips in our maps or that we forget about the parkour just because we want something aesthetically pleasing. I can assure you that's not the case.
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  5. DumbMutt

    DumbMutt New Fish Greenie

    Not saying you guys did terrible jobs, and I'm not saying you guys aren't "Good map creators" because you guys are. I just don't new map creators not being thorough in their search for skips.
  6. DumbMutt

    DumbMutt New Fish Greenie

    And you guys stand correct, what I'm asking for is paradoxical in a sense, even with the size of outpost being massive. And I do agree with finding skips as a positive thing, because it is. I guess I was a little upset, making this post more aggressive than it actually needed to be. And I've patched the skips with a help of an administrator if you didn't know that information.
  7. true there was like over 5 people looking for skips in outpost before it came out, including me. That map is just so huge. Also I looked for skips in my own map for like 2 hours or so, and just the other day someone found another skip in it. It's really hard to get 100% unskippable in a big map but if you can get really close that's still really good.
  8. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

    I'd just like to add that outpost has a counted total of around ~400 jumps. Unless henni and I turn into skip-hunting robots overnight, there's a huge chance there will always be something we missed.

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