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Suggestion Requesting change on the "barrier" maze in elusion.

Discussion in 'The Helpdesk' started by MarstaVidar, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. MarstaVidar

    MarstaVidar Friendly Assassin Sheep Greenie

    Before 1.13 the weird maze room in elusion was really cool, as it included some glitched chests which made that room really unique. Now, the current version is just a barrier maze. I would reccomend changing it to a mix of chests and barriers, to at least make it a little better than it currently is. Please. Since we're now in adventure mode in maps as well it makes the room even more awful since it's literally just running around randomly until you find the correct way.
  2. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Chests cannot appear invisible anymore, and that was the point of that maze. What do you imagine with chests appearing in the maze?
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  3. MarstaVidar

    MarstaVidar Friendly Assassin Sheep Greenie

    Just having some normal double chests to at least give some indication on where to go, since it's just a barrier maze atm
  4. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    But it being a barrier maze was the gimmick, even back then. Some chests appearing was a bug, rather than a feature. I can't go and change an intended part of the map because it's annoying. Even so, I agree adventure makes this more of a pain
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  5. MarstaVidar

    MarstaVidar Friendly Assassin Sheep Greenie

    Well then, my question is now "Are barrier mazes fun?" You know the answer to that question. Obviously no. It's just running around blindly. I can understand them if the map was played in survival mode but in my opinion this is probably the worst part of a single map in ffa on minr at the moment. Elusion is a fun map, but this one room completely destroys the map for me, and speedrunning it is even worse since you now have nothing to guide yourself with. Guess I just wont play the map anymore, because barrier mazes with no indication are awful.
  6. swimmy1212

    swimmy1212 Swimming around Op

    Maps can't be changed based on disliking a certain area, that's more suited to the denom ballot. Not sure what the downsides are to putting it in survival mode though, similar to how sra was changed.
  7. MarstaVidar

    MarstaVidar Friendly Assassin Sheep Greenie

    Survival mode would probably make it a lot more bearable yeah, and there really shouldn't be anything in the map that could break because of this, so if that's possible that's an option I can accept.
  8. imo its not that bad of a section to really change it, since its not really even a maze since theres pretty much just a straight path to go down, mirrored and solstice have barrier mazes, I think it fits just fine even with adventure mode I kinda like it more now, since this seems like what the creater of the map intended for the player to do, rather then a "just go around highlighting every block" section
  9. MarstaVidar

    MarstaVidar Friendly Assassin Sheep Greenie

    Difference is, this one is vertical as well which leads to you having to jump at every single block to try and see where you can get up.
  10. If you want to change this section it's best to talk to packs if you can catch him online.
  11. MarstaVidar

    MarstaVidar Friendly Assassin Sheep Greenie

    I actually think just playing the map in survival mode so you can see where the barriers are is good enough, but eh, this was mostly just me ranting because I tried speedrunning the map and it's incredibly hard to do that part efficiently so if you don't want to change it I guess it's fine :)
  12. Packs didn't make elusion though. Scionozion did.

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