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Pending spartafish Ban Appeal


Active Player
Mar 3, 2019
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
Second Ban​
When were you banned
Mar 6, 2019​

Why were you banned?
I hacked. and i admit that. my brother and i used to play on the same pc and he went on there with his minecraft acount and got me permabanned as i had an ip ban . he has since moved out of the hpouse so i am the only minecraft player with my ip now. i was told i could take up my problrem with my brother for going o nthe same pc (which i have my own one now), or i could come back and appeal again when my ban was due to be lifted, which i think was around this time last year.​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
I really like this server and my friend plays on it now and i cant really find any other parkour maps to play on. i love doing the hardcore maps and how hard they were, and i wont cheat again. thankyou so much. i think i deserve another chance as one of my bans was false to me and i should be unbanned about now. I have waited a year for this. please.​
Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

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Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
Putting the timeline together as I can remember / find it:

Original appeal here:

In that appeal, I adjusted the ban to be 1 year. If nothing else had happened after that, you would be back on the server right now.
[2019-03-05-1][23:08:36] [Server thread/INFO]: [Minr] AJDJ123321 banned spartafish until 28/02/2020 23:08:36 (EST) - adjusting to temp ban


Staff determined that you used an alternate account to get on the server, per the evidence related to these two threads and the ban was changed to permanent:

In those threads, the user of the markmak account was caught in a lie:
1.The person behind marmak330 first claimed to be a "friend" of spartafish
2.The person behind marmak330 then claimed to be the "brother" of spartafish

A quick check shows the IPs used in both account's case link back to the same physical city.

In the end, the decision on this appeal falls to @Hex


Board Man
Jul 26, 2016
Hi sparta. The question of hacking is no longer relevant, as for that offense you have served the allotted time. The matter of the possibility of using an alternate account is why the ban is still in place, however. The story as it unfolded was that the account MarMak330 logged onto the server, asking if their friend spartafish could get an alt and rejoin. MarMak330 was then banned for ban evasion under the assumption that they were the same person as spartafish. MarMak330 appeals, and is shown the evidence of a Discord account called spartafish trying to verify the account MarMak330. MarMak330's story then changes to spartafish being a younger brother. The MarMak330 appeal is denied due to dishonesty and a doubt of the story being presented.

MarMak's initial claim was that spartafish was a friend, and this claim changed to spartafish being a younger brother. MarMak did not want their younger brother knowing that they still played Minecraft. Assuming the brother part of the story is true, it seems very strange that the lie that was constructed was one where MarMak would have to tell a younger brother that he could rejoin a server in a game that MarMak did not want his younger brother knowing he was still playing. As well, the story of some wrongdoing being commited by a brother is a very common one, and is never actually true. Based on all of this, I have a hard time believing that the MarMak330 account was not you.


Active Player
Mar 3, 2019
I talked to my brother cause hes back from university cause of coronavirus, and he said that he wasnt gonna tell me i was unbanned but because i was checking the server on minecraft cause i thought u guys had made a mistake or there was a glitch. i only have one minecraft acount cause i have only bought it once im not gonna spend £30 or how much it costs to get a new acount where i can get back on the server, cause that costs too much. i dont really know what an alt is but isnt there illegal because you are getting minecraft without bying it. i get that you cant veryify anything about this and you cant trust me because i did hack, and i cant say anything about complimenting the server, but i just really want to get back on this server, cause my actual friend is playing it now cause i told him about it cause i thought i would get unbanned. i dont think hes done any maps yet but we used to download maps and playu realms together. if you ban me, which is proably, could i have acess to the server map, as i love doing parkours and watching youtube by myself as well as adventure maps.
thanks guys