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The Minr mafia community is invited to the 6th annual Mafia Championship

Discussion in 'Minr Mafia' started by Thingyman, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Thingyman

    Thingyman Mafia Universe Representative Whitey


    Ahoy there! :)

    I’m very excited to invite your community to participate in Season 6 of the Mafia Championship.

    The Mafia Championship is an annual forum-based tournament series that pits representatives from various online Mafia (aka Werewolf) communities against one another as they compete to determine the Internet’s greatest forum Mafia player. Each participating community democratically elects one person to represent them and be their “Champion”.

    The tournament first started back in 2013. Since then, 270+ different communities and 50+ different nationalities have been represented.

    It’s a super fun event that has created many new friendships and close bonds between communities. I hope that you would be interested in taking part :)

    If your community wishes to participate, please confirm your participation to Thingyman as soon as you can to ensure yourselves a spot. Currently, the plan is to accommodate 187 communities this season (last season featured 170 communities), and if interest is high enough we will expand even further to 204.

    If your community agrees to participate, the deadline for selecting your representative is April 26, but the sooner the better.

    The games will take place on Mafia Universe. If it’s okay, I can link directly to the general discussion thread regarding this topic on Mafia Universe.

    Important notes

    • You may decide yourselves how you want to elect your representative, but we highly recommend some sort of democratic process (public nominations followed by a poll usually works out well).
    • In addition to electing a representative, you should also name an alternate (a back-up) who will be asked to step in if the first choice needs to back out.
    • Your representative should be prepared for having to read upwards of 600 posts per 24 hours during the early stages of the game. Additionally, there’s a requirement that each player must make at least 10 posts per Game Day. Only active players should apply/participate. I repeat: Your chosen player needs to be able to promise a good amount of activity on a daily basis!

    The tournament structure
    • 187 communities will participate, each sending one representative.
    • QUALIFIERS: 11 Qualifying Games will be played, consisting of 17 players each. I.e. every representative plays in one Qualifying Game. The players themselves vote post-game to determine who is deserving of advancement. 1st place will advance directly to the Finale Game (i.e. 11 of the 17 finalists are found this way), while the 2nd place finishers will advance directly to one of the two Wildcard Games.
    • WILDCARDS: A Jury consisting of finalists from Season 5 will discuss and vote to determine 23 players in total deserving of a second chance. They will play in 2 Wildcard Games along with the aforementioned 2nd place finishers that advanced directly to these games. From each game, three players will advance to the Finale Game based on a post-game player vote, just like in the qualifying phase.
    • THE FINALE: The Finale Game is played. Once it has completed, the players vote to determine who shall receive the title of Season 6 Champion and a winner’s certificate signed by Dmitry Davidoff, the creator of mafia.

    The setup: Mad17

    13x Town
    4x Mafia

    Each of the following 17 roles will be assigned at random to one player in the game without regard for the player's alignment. Each role is restricted to using its action only on the nights listed on the chart.


    More information on Mafia Universe.

    Relevant mechanics info

    • Day start.
    • Role reveals at death are alignment only. You will not learn a player's exact role when they die.
    • Deadline Lynch. I.e. day does not end at majority.
    • If there is a tied lynch, one of the tied players will be randomly lynched.
    • No outside communication. I.e. you may not contact the other players outside of the thread (unless you are Mafia and wish to speak with your teammates).
    • Phase Lengths and Deadlines will be up to the players themselves (I’ll organize your representative into a game with deadlines that suit their preferences).
    • Thread is locked during Night Phases.
    • Votes are automatically locked in at LYLO.
    • The mafia faction kill is assigned and can be tracked, watched, blocked, etc.
    • The mafia faction kill is optional on Nights 1 to 4 and mandatory on Nights 5 and beyond.
    • Usage of night actions is optional, but unused actions will be lost.
    • Mafia members may perform the faction kill in addition to their regular action at the same time.
    • The game will have a host to oversee everything and make sure everyone’s following the code of conduct, but otherwise the game is completely automated (automatic votecounts, thread locks and reveals roles automatically, the bot receives and processes actions, etc.).


    There will be 11 Qualifying Games, and your representative plays in just one of these. They will have start dates during the months of April, May and June. So in other words, as long as your representative can play sometime during that period, they should be good and I’ll make sure they get scheduled into a game that suits their schedule well. I.e. if your rep is busy until June, that isn’t a problem.

    Wildcard games will be played in July, and the Finale Game sometime in August/September (whenever we can work out something that suits everyone).

    If you want to get in contact with me ASAP, you can find me on Discord (Thingyman#6075).

    Kind regards,
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  2. Before volunteering, it is extremely imporant to note the different style that the other sites usually play with compared to Minr. Days are usually way longer than the 72 hours here (they can last up to 2 weeks), a heck of a lot of activity (as the invitation mentioned - we don't get 600 posts per game, let alone in 24 hours.) and a much bigger focus on day-play than using roles at night.

    I believe we should probably only send someone who can take the initiative and is consistently active.

    I'll add some more details later.
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  3. Ajdj

    Ajdj TF2 Engineer Op

    @Thingyman, I will be your point of contact until we have concluded who our nominee will be. I have sent you a friend request on discord in the meantime (AJDJ#7160), as I had a few questions about the process. There has been enough interest by players that we are going to need an election process. Please note that these games will take place offsite on the Mafia Universe forums!

    In order to qualify for a nomination you must:
    1. Be of rank green or higher. (for context, the green rank is given to those who have beaten our server's trials and earned building rights)
    2. Have participated in ANY previous mafia game on the MINR forums.


    Assuming you meet the qualifications above, nominations are for yourself. Unlike our usual votes, you MUST NOMINATE YOURSELF! Please thoroughly review the large time requirement that will be asked of you before seeking the nomination.

    For the next 4.5 days (Until Saturday morning US Eastern), please reply below to the thread below this post with your IGN, discord tag (With your 4 numbers at the end), and reasoning for why you should be the nominee. Reasons why may include but are not limited to:
    • Previous hosting experience
    • Previous wins
    • Number of times played (on or off the forum)
    • Previous games where you feel you played well
    • Controlled the narrative well, etc
    Please limit your nomination to one post.

    There is to be no bashing / attacking of others! If I receive proof of a nominee attacking another here or in DMs they will be disqualified. This vote should be based on self-merit, not the negative traits of others.

    Voting will be restricted to greens+

    From there, we will hold elections until a conclusion is reached

    This is subject to change, but if we get 10+ nominees the voting structure will look something like:

    Primary #1: Out of all nominees, vote for your top 5 candidates. (Absolute majority [100% of votes] secures the nomination, else next vote)
    Runoff #1: Out of the remaining 5 nominees, vote for the top 3 candidates (Super-majority [66+%] secures the nomination, else next vote)
    Runoff #2: Out of the final 3 nominees, vote for your preferred candidate. (Majority [50+%] rules, will move to a 24hr 2-person runoff if needed).

    Votes/Nominees will be linked beneath this line, and will be held on google forms (or via forum PMs) with the results being private. Our alternate will be whoever accused the 2nd largest quantity of votes at the time the nominee is determined.


    Since there were only 3 people interested, we will have a simple vote:
    • CreepaShadowz / Alphaeus#1236
    • Gravebound / Gravebound#4712
    • pockleshetcheeto / Troy#5728

    Vote for your preferred candidate via forum private message, Simple majority (50%+) will determine our representative. Those who have self-nominated do not need to vote.

    Voting will end next Saturday at midnight UTC. If no-one reaches majority, we will have a 72hr runoff afterwards.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
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  4. Powik

    Powik Begginer Map Maker (Current goal: 3 maps) Greenie

    I'm not very good at playing Mafia, but I can be active everyday, so I can be at least alternate.
    Edit: oh i saw ajdj's post and i cant participate because i havent played any of minr mafia :(
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  5. picklesthecheeta

    picklesthecheeta Rarely in a pickle! Greenie

    Is there a list of what the roles do?

    Also, I know I'm somewhat new to >Minr< Mafia, and haven't yet hosted a game (but I've started working on my setup which I'll run after RM does his).

    Also, it's certainly a different experience, and Odin would lynch me for saying it, but I play Town of Salem. A lot. Like several times a day.

    That's all I guess.

    ign is pockleshetcheeto and discord is Troy#5728
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  6. Roles:

    A Watcher (used last time) returns all the players who targeted a specific person.
    An Alignment Cop is basically your standard detective.
    A Vigilante shoots people.
    Doctors save people from night kills. I believe over there, they only protect against one kill attempt (if you're shot by two different people, you still die).
    A Jailkeeper (also used last game) protects a player, but also roleblocks them (NOTE: This is not the same role as used in Town of Salem!).
    A Roleblocker roleblocks you.
    A Role Cop returns the role, but not alignment, of the targetted player.
    A Jack of all Trades may use any of the abilities listed.
    A Voyeur returns what types of actions were performed on a targette player.


    Macho: You cannot be protected.
    Ninja: You are untracable (not seen by Trackers/Watchers/Voyeurs).
    Strongman: A kill (executed by you) cannot be blocked.

    Useful information:

    Tournament summary and how-to on their customised forum software:


    Wiki (if there's something you don't understand, it's probably explained here):

    Setup Misc:

    It is unlikely that the mafiosi will be able to communicate with each other during the day phases. While it is standard that they can here, this is not so on other sites. We can talk during the day as mafia.
    The roles are assigned randomly, regardless of alignment.
    Days are max 72 hours.

    Acronyms and other words:

    Town = innocents
    Scum = mafia
    LYLO = Lynch or Lose. If the innocents do not lynch mafia successfully, they are guarenteed to lose.
    n1, n2, etc. = Night 1, Night 2, etc. (d1 for Day 1, etc)
    Daytalk = talking during the day in a Mafia PM
    Role madness = Games with lots of fancy roles. Basically every Minr game ever.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  7. Thingyman

    Thingyman Mafia Universe Representative Whitey

    Actually, while the thing about number of posts is true, the two other things don't hold true:

    - Days will last either 12, 36, 48 or 72 hours. Your representative can decide which they prefer. There will be multiple qualifiers, which means we have room for varying day phase lengths. But 72 is the maximum.
    - For the first time ever the setup this year is a role madness setup, meaning everyone gets a role. More information in the invitation.
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  8. Thingyman

    Thingyman Mafia Universe Representative Whitey

    They will actually be allowed to communicate with each other during day as well :)
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  9. Thingyman

    Thingyman Mafia Universe Representative Whitey

    Thank you, Ajdj. I've accepted your invite on Discord :)
  10. Gravebound

    Gravebound Eternal Bodyguard of Kitties™ Op

    I would like to nominate myself for this particular event.

    I feel like I'm a halfwhat decent player that likes to take initiative and helps guide whatever faction I might belong to in the right direction.
    Good examples of this can be found in Minr Mafia game 17 (under the name Amygdalae) and MM game XIX, I was part of the mafia in both games and managed to get away without any suspicion on me, especially in the former game. MM game 20 had me as part of the innocents faction, and I feel I managed to help secure victory in said game.

    In terms of experience hosting, I co-hosted the previous MM game we played, so am at least familiar with general mechanics and everything surrounding a game in your format.

    -Gravebound in-game
    -Gravebound#4712 on discord.
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  11. I'll nominate myself too.

    I have hosted two successful rounds online, Round 19 by myself and 22 with Grave, as well as numerous games offline.
    I have also participated in every round since round 11 that I haven't hosted on Minr, participated in another game offsite and many in real life.

    I am somewhat familiar with the setup and mechanics of both general mafia and this format specifically, as shown in my previous postings in this thread. :)

    I am active, so I should be able to keep up with the high posting rate during the early game.
    I have also have been proactive within the game, reaching out to people and being a major discussion contributor (for example, setting up wagons on multiple mafia members in round 21, creating a cell network with yeroc in round 20, etc.).

    IGN: CreepaShadowz
    Forums: CreepaShadowz
    Discord: Alphaeus#1236
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  12. Ajdj

    Ajdj TF2 Engineer Op

    Since there were only 3 people interested, we will have a simple vote:
    • CreepaShadowz / Alphaeus#1236
    • Gravebound / Gravebound#4712
    • pockleshetcheeto / Troy#5728

    Vote for your preferred candidate via forum private message to me, Simple majority (50%+) will determine our representative. Those who have self-nominated do not need to vote.

    Voting will end next Saturday at midnight UTC. If no-one reaches majority, we will have a 72hr runoff afterwards.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  13. Thingyman

    Thingyman Mafia Universe Representative Whitey

    By next Saturday do you mean this Saturday, April 20?
  14. Ajdj

    Ajdj TF2 Engineer Op

    Correct. I intend to have an anwser for you a few days before the 26th.
  15. Ajdj

    Ajdj TF2 Engineer Op

    The holiday had me sidetracked, but the votes are in: Gravebound (Gravebound#4712) will be our representative. Creepashadowz (Alphaeus#1236) will be our alternate.
  16. ajs626

    ajs626 Active Player Whitey

    Congratulations and good luck!
  17. Thingyman

    Thingyman Mafia Universe Representative Whitey


    Your representative has been slotted into this game below. So as you can see, their game starts Monday. I wish them the best of luck! :)

    GAME 4 (MAY 20, 36/12, 5 PM EDT EOD))
    Apoc (Mafia Universe)
    Carotte (Gare aux Garous)
    DefinitionOfAutism (GreyWolf Eclipse Lycans)
    Dendrek (MMO Champion)
    digitaldude (Manga Helpers)
    Distorted (Skwirl Gaming)
    Faddy (ResetEra)
    Gravebound (Minr.org)
    Juan_M6 (Spanish Hattrick.org non-HT)
    mendel (Kongregate)
    notquitethere (Bay 12 Games)
    Okowoko (Świat Łukasza)
    Phaze (MafiaManiac)
    roro__b (Swedish Hattrick.org non-HT)
    sKeith (Boards.ie)
    sothys (PokerNet)
    tartina (Lupus in Forum)

    Do you wish to spectate and/or talk with players from other communities?

    We have a big server on Discord (1,000+ members) for those that want to spectate and talk about these games. The representatives will be added to this channel too after they die. Or if you just want to chat with people from other communities, we have a general chat too that is unrelated to the Mafia Championship.

    1) CLICK HERE TO JOIN: https://discord.gg/zdeEhcg

    2) Upon joining the server, please inform us of who you are and which community you are from. We will then give you the necessary permissions to see the spectator channel. This is necessary to avoid the wrong people (the representatives and their backups) joining the channel.

    You don't need to have Discord installed in order to join the channel, as there is a web version.

    Do you want to have your own private community spectator chat?

    This is definitely both allowed and encouraged. However, I ask that you please do everything possible to make this chat private and inaccessible to your representative, backup and your representative's opponents. It's important that your thoughts and comments don't influence the game. In other words, please don't post about the game in public threads -- this is very important.

    Where do I get more info?

    Refer to this thread: https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/21905-Season-6-General-Information

    This thread will tell you all the details about this season. It also includes the list of participating communities and their representatives.


    If you need to get in contact with me, my Discord is Thingyman#6075
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  18. Thingyman

    Thingyman Mafia Universe Representative Whitey

    If anyone could help me prod Gravebound, that'd be appreciated :)

    I am still waiting for them to confirm and send me their bio.
  19. Gravebound

    Gravebound Eternal Bodyguard of Kitties™ Op

    Has been done, check your PMs on the website!

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