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It's been 3 years, I can't honestly say that my life would be as fun as its been if I didn't join this server.

I can definitely say this is the most fun I've ever had and I appreciate all of you.

I'd like to thank all of my friends that I've met and our absolutely great staff team for making this server as good as it can be.

Thanks for a great 3 years.
Cheers to 3 more
GG on the promotion buddy, it's unbelievably well deserved and I can't wait to see what more you have in store, as in my mind you're definitely one of the most impactful and amazing people in the Minr community. Keep up the great work chief :D
Hey guys I wanted to apologize for hacking. I went to wash my hands for 15 seconds and when I came back my older brother had downloaded hacks and had been flying around in rainbows for 20 minutes. Please unban this is my favourite server
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as his father I can confirm that this is bs, I murdered his brother a year ago.