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  1. E

    OOB - Inaros

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    In Puzzle 06 - Anthem, by climbing over the railing and jumping onto some decoration leaves, you can jump to an opening in the wall with lava flowing behind it and swim through, ending up on the other side in a stone room with nothing there, softlocking yourself.\ Screenshots + semi-tutorial
  2. Wilh3lmMusic

    Breaking Free 2

    So I (new IGN: Wilh3lmMusic) accidentally got a record on bf2 through a sequence break I found. I accidentally entered the long story sequence before CP4 () and then reset. When I reset (/c join bf2 again) the text continued showing, and, after the story sequence ended (while I was at the start...
  3. K

    Delta survival resets inventory & spawn point every time when re-entering

    Need Help Report Bug 
    Every time I leave delta and re-enter it, my inventory is wiped and I spawn at the world spawn instead of my bed. Seems to only happen to me for some reason.
  4. Maple_1

    Kept Items from HC-10 into HC-12

    Hiya everyone! For some reason, when I entered HC-12 (Elusion: Remastered) I had all the items that I left HC-10 (The Scorned Lands) with. This didn't happen in HC-11. This included food items (rotten flesh). As you can see, I dropped all the items in the starting room so I couldn't cheat with...
  5. IBDKing

    Spectrum Missing Wall

    Hello, I was doing HC#2 (Spectrum) and at one point found a place where you could go between two different colors on the same level. I am attaching a screencap of the location. I was able to complete the map as intended, without exploiting this bug. (Sorry about the crappy particle effects in...
  6. djnysted

    Bug in Miner's Million's Stage 1

    In the first stage of Miner's Millions, you don't actually need to obtain the item to proceed in the map. See video below for an example of skipping the area entirely. EDIT: It also appears this may only be on the first stage. The second is configured properly for certain.
  7. luckylukecraft

    Warping to Delta

    An adventure was held and as the player was returning to its base, he typed /warp delta because he got lost and wanted to get to the base faster... Oh no! What's this? A bug? Yes, a bug. I warped to 'delta spawn', because I was trying to get to my base faster, taking a shortcut of around 1000...
  8. Semsem192

    Creative in theta maps.

    Whilst playing outpost I found out how to consistently get creative in most Theta maps. I've done some testing and found out that getting times on the leaderboards is possible. ( My time on athenai of 13 seconds is proof, which can and should be removed) Hope this bug get's resolved quickly...
  9. Alphaesia

    Big Shortcut in MYTH

    EDIT: Can't change the title, but apparently doesn't actually skip that much, but means players can just ignore a puzzle, which shouldn't happen. When you complete the first lava pillar parkour, you are confronted with a big lava pool, forcing you to go into the cave above. However, due to the...
  10. Alphaesia

    Galley Dream Sequence Bug - The Congo

    This one is probably really simple to fix: When you go to sleep for the 2nd time in the first flight (when you feel sick and lie down in the galley), you are teleported into a wall, and suffocate due to glorious ncp, you cannot escape the wall.
  11. ezzaezza

    The Great Race 2 Broken*

    In The Great Race 2, it is just after leg II starts. It says *Hail Mary* And you are rocketed into the air and you must get through a hole(4 holes available) It does not rocket you high enough. I think this may have something to do with the 1.11 update. Thankyou.
  12. frogbreath1

    'Napped Damage boost

    Okay so this will be short and sweet. Problem: during the dropping sequence in napped you can damage boost up to the end of the map. If you do the drop sequence walk right and you will see what I mean. Way to fix it: Just make the parkour bit next to the dropping sequence 1 block higher. I will...
  13. frogbreath1

    Monkey Trumpets Glitch

    Okay so I was doing monkey trumpets for the pure pk points and I found out one of the ends (Non HC) gives 2 points and one of the ends (HC) gives 4 points right? So I am doing it non HC and I did most of the map to the point where I got to the splitting paths (Tigger or Speedy) and I chose...
  14. SleeknFoxy

    Rise Map-breaking Cheats

    So I was starting to play Rise when I noticed that the player is able to go into f5 mode and look through the entire map and see every single button. This is certainly map-breaking and I wouldn't assume that this was intentional. Another thing to add is that when pressing buttons, players can...
  15. Zombie

    Detention 1 Bug

    This is a pretty fixable bug but while i was speedrunning DTN, i noticed i got a time of 54 seconds. Surprised and happy i decided to investigate it more. The second Checkpoint of detention was changed in a way that it resets your time, also the puzzle with the slabs cave is broken too. Anyways...