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    We are one of minecrafts oldest servers and the oldest challenge and parkour server. Our map dates over 5 years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 250 challenges on our server which will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been created by our member base who have completed our hardcore maps. You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server if you ever achieve the green membership rank. For more information on the server click here...

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Minr.org - Minecraft's oldest parkour, maze and adventure server.

Minr.org - Official forums of Minecraft's oldest parkour, maze and adventure server. More than 250 challenges that will keep you occupied for months.

The 1.11 update is finally here.
See http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.11 for the changelog.

Plugin related updates:
  • Large Minr command overhaul.
    • More complete discord support for commands (try out .checkpoint cp <player> and others)
    • Addition of the /checkpoint completed [playername] <mapcode> command.
    • Better command help.
    • More complete console support.
    • /rocket <velocity-x> <velocity-y> <velocity-z> is now also free to use for greenies.
    • Fixed a series of potential bugs.
    • Complete refactor of all commands.
      • May cause bugs.
  • Minr bugfixes
    • Fixed PlayerData rolling back.
    • Some other minor potential issues.
    • Improved performance.
  • Updated WorldEdit.
  • Updated WorldGuard.
  • Updated NCP.
  • Updated CommandHelper.
For mods+:
/mute and /ban now use the same timing system as scripts (support ticks, seconds, minutes, days)
Do note that as a direct result, /mute rickyboy320 5 now mutes for 5 ticks (which is in most cases not the desired result). Will be rolled back in a future update. (Use 5m instead for now)

For admins:
/blue, /green, /admin, /white have been moved to the command /setrank <player> <rank>
Additionally, /scripts delete and /scripts add were merged into /scripts remove and /scripts create respectively.

During the coming week(s), the rate of potential bugs is increased. Please report anything you encounter as soon as possible, with as much information as you can supply.
Suggested bug report format:

Problem (title):
Short problem summary:
Expected result:
Actual result:
Time of encounter:
Additional details or pictures:

Using the above format, it will be much easier to locate and fix a bug, without having to wait for multiple replies of the submitter.

The new 1.11 structures are most likely located around the edges of the map, between positive and negative ~9k and 12k. Because this isn't a major region update, the world border will not be expanded....