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Broadcast Delta 2 has now officially opened

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It took a bit of time (which, in hindsight, it maybe should not have needed to), but Delta 2 is now available. (Using /warp delta, still). The original delta is now mostly inaccessible (unless you have a bed location there). The same rules apply this time around - no greenie commands. 'Homes' are set using bed or respawn anchor locations, just like vanilla MC (we have a warp sign with a 20m cooldown at delta spawn when you switch to another world during play).

If you need a transfer of an old build or items in Delta to Zero, you are allowed to ask an op to do so (soon-ish, until former Delta becomes officially deprecated). This also holds for transferring items from the new Delta to Zero. Please note that items cannot travel from original Delta to Delta, nor from Zero to Delta.

Have fun, and enjoy true vanilla MC ;)

(Please submit issues to this thread -- I am on a holiday for 10 days, so if they are non-important, they may be deferred to a later date.)

Maintenance (Completed) HC Maintenance on August 28/29

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Greetings and salutations. I'm sure all you blues and new greens have had a boatload of fun with HC10.0, which is why we decided to make it even better! Hardcore will be receiving an update to version 10.1 tomorrow. It will start at 12am UTC (00:00 UTC, Saturday morning) and it will last for an indeterminate amount of time .

The core design of HC will remain the same, with 15 levels and three paths to choose that span levels 5-7. The focus of this update is to improve the balance of the three paths and to lower the tedium that came along with some of the maps from the original design. Note that this update will not make HC particularly harder or easier than before, so there is no need to rush ahead before tomorrow. More details on the design will be posted in this thread after the maintenance has concluded.

Your HC position will automatically be updated to an equivalent spot in the new HC version when maintenance is finished. If you somehow have lost your progress...

Event Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!

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Hi there everyone!

I'm here to announce a brand new event - Minr Sightseeing!

Now, what is Minr Sightseeing? It's simple! You will get a set of pictures taken in Minr FFA or FFA+ maps, and your goal is to find and visit all of them! The winner is whoever can find all of them first, or whoever has found the most once the time runs out.
The event will be played in teams of 2, and anyone can participate! To sign up, reply to this thread with the name of your teammate, as well as your team name if you can come up with one.

Here is an example image. You won't get anything if you find it, but during the event you will simply have to walk to all of the shown locations to earn a point.


Anyone who partakes and finds at least one image will be awarded a unique hat, but the winning team will receive an exclusive title and a Steam game of their choice up to 10$ USD from @Hex


Update [COMPLETED] 1.16 Update (Friday 12:00 UTC)

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1.16 released yesterday \o/

As with every update, we're dependent on the server software and our plugins to be able to update to the newer versions. We will update this thread to keep you posted on the progress toward 1.16, and we will try to update as soon as possible.

This time around there are only minor breakages in terms of commands and technicalities, so we should be completely fine to update as soon as possible. A common discussion has been whether to reset Delta or not (our vanilla survival world), and, while we are still awaiting the results of the poll conducted as part of the FFA+ ballot, it is quite likely that Delta will be reset due to the significant changes to the nether. As discussed in the original Delta thread, this does not mean that we will immediately delete the old Delta world - we should be able to set up any transfers of items (and possibly builds) to the Zero world (or Theta, if...

Update Changes to Blue Rank Requirements

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When 5 Points / 5 average maps worth of points (How the present day 35 points is calculated) was setup as the point threshold for entering Hardcore in 2012, 5 maps was a significant amount of what FFA offered. Now, blue is too easy to earn, does not adequately prepare players for Hardcore, and can be earned entirely on very easy / easy / (a few) novice maps.

With this in mind, the requirements for blue will be rising sharply:

Current requirements enter Hardcore / earn blue rank:
  • Earn 35 points.
  • Complete the FAQ quiz (Required to enter Hardcore, but not for blue).

New Requirements to enter Hardcore / earn blue rank:
  • Increase from 35 to 100 points.
  • New Requirement: beat 5 maps that are of moderate difficulty or higher (FAQ quiz does count for this).
  • FAQ quiz is still required for entering Hardcore.

All players that already have blue rank but do not meet these new requirements will...

Maintenance (Completed) HC Maintenance on June 14th

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If you lost your spot in Hardcore, please reply to this thread with your username and staff will investigate! Manual investigations and fixes will allowed until July 14th, 2020.

Hey everyone! After much planning and setup, the staff are ready to implement HC 10.0. Staff are planning to switch to this new HC version Sunday, June 14th. It will start at 12am UTC (00:00 UTC, Sunday morning) and it will last for an indeterminate amount of time .

This HC version brings several new features. First, the player will have a choice between 3 paths: The Path of Tenacity, the Path of Precision and the Path of Intricacy. Instead of each path being focused around a single type of map (parkour, puzzle and maze), each path will instead AVOID a single gameplay type, allowing the player to avoid a type that they do not like. Second, this HC version is going to do away with the loopback between paths, meaning that you can switch between all 3...
Event Minr Puzzle Competition 2020 - bigger area, better prizes and the best puzzles ever!
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hi, friends, I hope you're having a good day.

Today I am happy to announce the


You've been expecting this, haven't you?

Well even if you haven't, here it is! Once again, we're back with a large superflat area where you'll be able to build anything to your hearts content - as long as it's a puzzle! Mixed puzzles are allowed, but the majority of the map must be puzzle!

Here's everything you need to know.

The building area opens on June 1st and closes on August 31st 2020. Extensions for scripts and minor tweaks will be possible for up to 2 weeks after the closing date.

From writing this post (May 28th) to the competition start date (June 1st), the building area will not be open. This is your time to fully flesh out your ideas on paper or...
Event The Amazing Race 10
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What's that, another event? YES!

For those who want a slight puzzle break from the Minr Cup, we have the Amazing Race!
The event was started way back in 2014 by HC12345. It's been hosted by a variety of hosts (Including me), and now I, along with MeisterXehanort, will lead you through the newest installment.

For those who have not participated before, it works like this: Racers compete either as individuals or in a team of two. Everyone starts off at the end of the previous leg (Which was at Mintspawn), is given a clue, and must locate each subsequent clue on their own, working with what they are given. After completing a series of challenges and jumping from place to place, teams will reach the finish line!

We don't have any special prizes for the winners, but small prefix badges indicating 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are likely to be given in chat. (The real reward is participating, anyway.)

- You are allowed (required) to use /warp to get from place...
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