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    We are one of Minecraft's oldest servers. Our map dates back over 12+ years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 600 challenges that will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been developed tested and curated by our membership base who have completed our Hardcore set of challenges.

    We are strongly against pay-to-win features and have been a privately funded server for the entirety of our existence, amounting to over a decade of free and fair play for our community.

    You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server that will remain for years to come.

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Minr.org - Minecraft's oldest and best parkour, puzzle, maze and adventure server.

11.1.3 patch notes (2022/11/21)

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Hi everyone, a new plugin update just went live during scheduled restart. These are the items that have been updated:

- Added "/checkpoint by" to list the maps created by a specific creator.
- Added length constraints to map and challenge names and map codes (32 and 10, respectively), and duplication prevention.

- Fixed scripts sometimes still using old implementations if its namespace was removed and readded.
- Fixed scripts (and functions) sometimes not recompiling if any of its contents, or its parent namespace were changed/removed/readded. (https://forums.minr.org/threads/cant-display-content-in-namespace-variables-and-scripts-dont-update-on-reimport.6461/)
- Fixed variables containing "%" not working when displayed using /namespace variables or /type fields
- Fixed being unable to set challenge modifier LIMITED_CHECKPOINTS to 0.
- Fixed not being able to reply to a chat prompt when in a no-chat region.

Update (1.19.2) 11.1.1-2 patch notes (2022/08/14)

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Hi everyone, a new plugin and server update just went live during scheduled restart. These are the items that have been updated:

Server version
Updated to 1.19.2

- URL recognition has been updated to include .be and .sc links

A quick note on the new chat reporting & chat signing:

We have not adopted the chat signing system yet because:
a) we first want to see how aggressive it is going to be (and not want to put our players in risk of an unjust ban),
b) we would have to perform some pretty big plugin changes to make everything signed.

So for now, Minr will consider all messages "System messages", preventing anyone from reporting you. It's possible that we're getting forced to hop on that system in the future, but we're postponing that for now.

Please understand that this does not mean that inappropriate content on the server is acceptable. Please refer to our Server Rules, which are (in most...

Update Challenges & Parties Update

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A new update is here, with two revamped challenge modifiers and some new party features!


Soul Link

Soul Link challenges are now party-based.
  • Soul Link challenges must be attempted by a whole party.
    • You must be the leader of a party to join a Soul Link challenge.
    • Party auto-warping must be on in order to join.
  • As usual, if any party member dies, the whole party dies.
    • Getting killed by a player you are Soul Linked to now has a special death message.
  • To set a checkpoint or finish a map in a Soul Link challenge, all party members must click the checkpoint or finish sign together.

The Soul Link modifier is now a valued modifier.
  • The value of the Soul Link modifier dictates the minimum party size.
  • If the party size falls below this threshold, everyone fails the challenge immediately.
    • There is no upper...

Event Minr Sightseeing 2022

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Greetings Minr! With the summer upon us, me and @Hex are proud to present:


What is minr sightseeing?
Simply put it's an event where you'll receive a set of images taken in different maps around the server, and your goal is to identify which map the image was taken in and reach the same area. Whoever finds the most images before the end of the event wins!

General Information
The event will take place on July 9th at 6pm UTC and last up to 3 hours. As per usual, we recommend playing in teams of two, but you are allowed to partake solo if you so wish. To sign up, simply post your teammate + team name (max 20 characters) in this thread! Drop-ins are accepted, but signing up beforehand makes it significantly easier...

MaintenanceUpdate [Completed] 1.19 update on 5th of July

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In two weeks, Tuesday, the 5th of July, the server will go down for 1 to 4 hours during maintenance. During this maintenance, the following update will be completed:

Update to 1.19

Time of maintenance (we might be done earlier or later, depending on the issues that arise during the migration):
7 PM BST ~ 11 PM BST
2 PM ET ~ 6 PM ET
11 AM PT ~ 3 PM PT

Due to popular demand, we will also retire Delta 3 and start Delta 4 shortly after this update. Thanks for the patience everyone!

Update 11.0.40-41 patch notes (2022/06/05)

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Hi everyone, a new plugin update just went live during scheduled restart. These are the items that have been updated:

- Links in chat now show up with an underline.

- Fixed right clicking having a cooldown between presses to activate scripts, signs, etc. Note: left-clicking still necessarily has this cooldown.
- Fixed left-clicking scripts, signs, etc. not taking into account the hitboxes of the targeted blocks.
- Messages from Discord are now filtered on more illegal characters.
- Fixed non-command Discord messages starting with . not showing up in zero chat.
- Fixed chat links from non-ops not being clickable.
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