Update 11.0.39 patch notes (2022/05/04)

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Hi everyone, a new plugin update just went live during (more or less) scheduled restart. These are the items that have been updated:

- Added new methods to the Entity type:
-- Boolean addPassenger(Entity passenger)​
-- Void ejectPassengers()​

- Speedrun score is now no longer awarded for nullified times (--:--,--).

- Updated hide commands:
-- Added "/hide nonparty" to hide everyone but your party.​
-- Added "/unhide party" to unhide your party.​
-- The hidden status of party members will automatically update with your party. If the party is unhidden, and someone newly joins the party, they will be visible.​
-- Conversely, if someone leaves the party, they may be hidden when "/hide all" or "/hide nonparty" has previously been used.​
-- Hidden status of individual party members can still be overridden with /hide <player>.​

Update 11.0.37-38 patch notes (2022/03/31)

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Hi everyone, a new plugin update just went live during scheduled restart. These are the items that have been updated:

- Renamed "comparing" to "sortby" in /checkpoint completed, /checkpoint uncompleted, /challenge completed and /challenge uncompleted.
- Added "comparing" modifier to /checkpoint completed, /checkpoint uncompleted, /challenge completed and /challenge uncompleted to compare your completion status with another player, or your party.
"/checkpoint completed comparing rickyboy320" will show the overlapping completions of you and rickyboy320.​
"/checkpoint uncompleted comparing party" will show the overlapping un-completed status of you and your party.​

- Speedrun score is now also awarded for hidden FFA maps that have a non-zero point value. (For example, ANHUR 2 and 3, the later installments of DOOM-ED).

- Challenge signs now also show completion status upon left click...

Update 11.0.36 patch notes (2022/03/23)

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Hi everyone, a new plugin update just went live during scheduled restart. These are the items that have been updated:

Added a "Quick warp" spawn compass. It'll show up in your inventory while in spawn.
On right click, it will open a menu that allows you to warp to the given areas in spawn.
Menu can also be opened through /quickwarp or /play.

Updated Cosmetic GUI:
- Changed Cosmetic GUI to only show cosmetics you own.
- Active cosmetics now have enchanted icons.
- When you activate/deactivate a cosmetic the window is now closed.
- Cosmetic windows now resize automatically.

Update 11.0.33-35 patch notes (1.18.2 - 2022/03/08)

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Hi everyone, a new update just went live during scheduled restart. These are the items that have been updated:

Updated to 1.18.2
Updated all plugins to their latest 1.18.2 versions.

Checkpoint join signs now show your completion info for the map on left click. Joining can still be done with right click.

The Player type has received a number of new methods:

"Gets the blockface of the block that the living entity has likely clicked, ignoring fluids. Null if no block is targeted within 5 blocks distance. Identical to getTargetBlockFace(5)."
String getClickedBlockFace()

"Gets the blockface of that block that the living entity has targeted, ignoring fluids. Null if no block is targeted within distance."
String getTargetBlockFace(Int distance)

"Gets the block that the living...

Maintenance [Completed - 1.18] Maintenance on 23rd of January

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Sunday, the 23rd of January, the server will go down for 3 to 5 hours during maintenance. During this maintenance, the following update will be completed:

Update to 1.18

Time of maintenance (we might be done earlier or later, depending on the issues that arise during the migration):
12 AM PST ~ 5 AM PST

Thanks for the patience everyone! It took a bit for paper to come out with an officially marked stable update, now approximately 2 weeks ago, and we had some unforeseen circumstances in the updating process requiring some additional preparation work (see the maintenance of 9th of January), but we think we can finally pull the trigger this Sunday. See you on the other side!

Update 11.0 - "Events" & Social Updates

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It's finally here - they're both here! After two years of development, here is an update packed with fun new stuff and major re-architecturing so we can do even cooler stuff in the future (hint: achievements).

If you experience any issues completing maps, please tell us immedatiely.

- Parties
- /challenge suspend
- /chat hide
- Completely new timers

Forgive me if I screw anything up, I'm very tired as of right now. Here's a summary:

Maps, Checkpoints, and Challenges
The map completion message has been overhauled.
Better map and challenge complete messages
- now shows the time's rank always
- shows whether it was a PB or Server Record
- If the player is white, it shows how many points they have to go 'til blue
- If blue and in HC, it shows how many maps left
- If you beat HC, it shows a nice new message
- If you get a cosmetic for beating a challenge, it now tells you that.


Update [COMPLETED] 1.16 Update (Friday 12:00 UTC)

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1.16 released yesterday \o/

As with every update, we're dependent on the server software and our plugins to be able to update to the newer versions. We will update this thread to keep you posted on the progress toward 1.16, and we will try to update as soon as possible.

This time around there are only minor breakages in terms of commands and technicalities, so we should be completely fine to update as soon as possible. A common discussion has been whether to reset Delta or not (our vanilla survival world), and, while we are still awaiting the results of the poll conducted as part of the FFA+ ballot, it is quite likely that Delta will be reset due to the significant changes to the nether. As discussed in the original Delta thread, this does not mean that we will immediately delete the old Delta world - we should be able to set up any transfers of items (and possibly builds) to the Zero world (or Theta, if...

Maintenance [CONCLUDED] [1.14] Update Maintenance on July 22nd

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It's almost time to cuddle with pandas and foxes!

July 22nd, the server will go down for a short period of time during maintenance.
During this maintenance the server will be updated to the Minecraft 1.14 Update.

During the maintenance, the following will be done:
  • Update the server to 1.14, which includes:
    • Full relighting of Zero, Theta and Delta.
    • Updating of plugins.
Do note that come weeks after this update the server is likely to be performing worse than normal, and shortcuts previously not possible may appear, so please help out and report issues and shortcuts as soon as possible to the forums. The community and staff has taken measures to combat these as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee we caught everything.

Estimated start time of maintenance: Maintenance completed!

I would like to thank everyone who helped find shortcuts and breakages on the test server. Thanks for the efforts!
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