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Update 1.16 Roadmap


Penguin Master
Nov 18, 2013
1.16 released yesterday \o/

As with every update, we're dependent on the server software and our plugins to be able to update to the newer versions. We will update this thread to keep you posted on the progress toward 1.16, and we will try to update as soon as possible.

This time around there are only minor breakages in terms of commands and technicalities, so we should be completely fine to update as soon as possible. A common discussion has been whether to reset Delta or not (our vanilla survival world), and, while we are still awaiting the results of the poll conducted as part of the FFA+ ballot, it is quite likely that Delta will be reset due to the significant changes to the nether. As discussed in the original Delta thread, this does not mean that we will immediately delete the old Delta world - we should be able to set up any transfers of items (and possibly builds) to the Zero world (or Theta, if specifically requested).

The 'Roadmap' is as follows, marked Pending, In Progress or Completed as we go through the steps.

  • Wait for Paper and all required plugins to (stably) update to 1.16.2. (In Progress)
  • Pin an update date. (In Progress)
  • Update the server on the update date. (Pending)
  • (Likely) roll out the new Delta world and accept item transfers from old delta to Zero/Theta. (Pending)

We will continue to keep everyone updated as we progress.
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