8 Yellow-Difficulty Parkour Maps To Get You Started


Bird Enthusiast
Mar 2, 2019
For new players, obtaining the blue rank isn't an easy task.

Newcomers often struggle with maps of the yellow difficulty, as many of these maps contain jumps that require a lot of muscle memory or strategizing. This post is intended to help new players find yellow maps they can complete comfortably, even without too much parkour experience.

Note that these maps ARE still of the yellow difficulty, and will still require a lot of time and effort to complete for less experienced players. I simply believe they're some of the most fun and least frustrating maps in the catalog.

All of the maps listed can be joined using the command /c join [map name]


By Logwormy


Bismuth is a great experience as a first yellow map. Most of its jumps are simple, and its difficulty comes from the length of each individual section. This map teaches about Momentum, which is a vital part of Minr parkour. Its gameplay is smooth and flows well. Additionally, the visuals are gorgeous and full of charm. I highly recommend Bismuth as one of your first yellow maps.



By Minty1111


Minetech is unique in that its difficulty doesn't come from the parkour itself, but from how much there is. Each individual section is reminiscent of what you'd find in a green difficulty map, as it has very few tough or technical jumps, and no section feels too punishing. However, Minetech is different in that it is incredibly long. You will have to complete several unique sections in order to nab a completion of this beautiful map.



By Logwormy


Quarry is another incredible map by Logwormy. Its parkour flows well, no sections are too punishing, and it utilizes unique gameplay mechanics seen nowhere else on Minr.


Breaking Free 2

By Minty1111


Breaking Free is similar to Minetech in that no section is particularly hard, but the map is incredibly lengthy. Breaking Free 2 offers an engaging story, leading to it becoming an incredibly memorable experience. However, I'd recommend holding off on this one until you've completed Minetech. Overall, its parkour is a bit more difficult, and the map itself is a bit longer.


Corruption Block
By Dalox02


Corruption Block is another map with simple gameplay, though some parts are a bit more complex than what I've talked about so far. I'd certainly give it a try.



By Logwormy


Buzzin is yet another amazing map by Logwormy. As usual, the parkour flows well, isn't too punishing, and doesn't require too many technical jumps.



By Zatharel and Spolendina


Eden is a map that will test your consistency and endurance. Each section is fairly long, and you will find tough jumps such as parkour across floating head blocks. Eden takes more skill to complete than the other maps I listed but is still a really enjoyable experience. If you've completed a few other yellow maps, give Eden a go.



By Shpeckly


Phanatos is an intriguing map. Instead of following a linear path, you must complete four parkour sections in any order you choose. None of the jumps are particularly difficult, though each section is a lot longer and requires more endurance than what's typically found in a yellow map. If you enjoyed Bismuth or Eden, Phanatos is a great map to play next.