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If Nothing Then Nothing Bug


that is not my ign
Jul 15, 2022
Not going to attach a video file of me showcasing/explaining this bug as that would be answer sharing (as it's a puzzle), but I have submitted the same answers to the same levels, and died some times and beat it some times. I only experienced this on my second run of the map, probably because more people had joined it after seeing the announcement. Based on what Solawr said in chat, I assume there is a "duplicate room" mechanic so that players don't have to wait if their next room is full (I have nothing to back this up, just an assumption), which could mean that only the duplicate rooms are broken, maybe if they don't have the right scripts. Alternatively, it's also possible that playerdata in the scripts saves, potentially even between players, not sure how that would work but regardless something's making it so the right answer is sometimes marked as incorrect.

I have beaten the map twice, and wasn't putting in incorrect answers on my second run. Rebplane, if you want I can send you a copy of the notepad I'm using with the answers to each level so you know I wasn't just messing up and putting in the wrong answers.


Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
Thanks for reporting!

We spoke a bit in chat earlier but most likely has to do with shifting and holding an item while clicking a lever. There's a warning before level 3 I think. If anyone is reading this trying to figure out why you're dying, don't click the levers while shifting and holding an item.

I noticed this way too late to change it before publishing, and since it's a minor bug and I put the warning sign there I just left it.

I don't have time to change the scripts but I may hire a slave, I mean, I may get someone to help me fix it in the future.