MAZE COMP 2021 - Big Prizes, New Rules, & More!

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Jun 8, 2015
Wow! This year has been eventful, to say the least, and I'm sorry to say I have no plans to stop that momentum.

With that said, today I am announcing:

What is Maze Comp? It's a competition for mazes of course! Similar to previous competitions, a large flat area has been created to build and import mazes. Mixed mazes are allowed, however, all maps should primarily be a maze.

The Maze Comp area will officially open on May 8th and will close on August 31st. Given the nature of this competition, time extensions will be allowed, and are also expected, however, no extension will be allowed to go past September 30th.

As you may have noticed, the building area will not open until a week from today (May 1st, 2021). This is to allow creators time to make any preparations and to flesh out their ideas before the competition begins.

1. Do not modify or tamper with other builds without permission. This is considered griefing, and appropriate punishments will be applied.

2. Entries should be within the maze comp area, accessible by
/warp mazecomp. Entries may only be located outside of this area for the sake of their aesthetics or gameplay value, but a judge must be notified of this before working on the maze.

3. NEW RULE: ANY AND ALL MAZES FROM ANY TIME MAY JOIN! There are no limitations regarding when a maze was started for it to be entered into this competition. A maze started in 2011 may be submitted alongside a maze started this year. To clarify further, mazes submitted do not need to have been started this year. If you started building a maze two years ago, you may submit it as an entry. Past builds may be imported into the area with world edit.

4. Teamwork is allowed and encouraged! If a team wins, monetary prizes must be split evenly, and each member will receive the in-game prize.

5. Multiple entries are allowed, however, only one prize may be given to any one participant. In the event where two maps from the same participant achieve top places, only the highest award will be given to the participant, and the leaderboard will "shift" downwards.

6. Once a map has been submitted, no additional work may be performed on the map. All spelling mistakes, scripting mistakes, softlocks, and/or map errors will be considered when we are reviewing the maps, so make sure your map is polished before submission.

Judges are allowed to enter but will not be eligible to receive any monetary prizes. If a participant builds a map with a judge, the same rules apply, and the team will only receive in-game prizes.

8. The judging process will be similar to the board, and maps deemed unworthy of FFA will be sent back to the creator with comprehensive reviews from the judges. As standard, we will be judging based on Gameplay and Aesthetics. To ensure a more speedy return on reviews, we will be judging maps as they are released! We encourage creators to submit maps as they finish them. (Note: we will not be biased by maps released sooner nor later. The timing of which you decide to submit your map will not affect its or others scores)

9. As much as this is a competition, it is also a community event! Have your eyes on the prize, but more importantly,
have fun and build with your friends :).

10. "Meme builds" should be kept close to the spawn area. Please be appropriate and consider others when building these.

Prizes will be distributed after the final judgment has occurred.

- $50 Steam Gift Card
-Exclusive 1st Place Trail & Hat
-Special Title for the Top 3

-$20 Steam Gift Card
-Special Title for the Top 3

-$10 Steam Gift Card
-Special Title for the Top 3


-Special Maze Comp Title

These stinky people have decided to slave their life away to judge dedicate their time and provide the fairest judging services.

1. pieceofcheese
2. _Trains_
3. Zatharel

4. ZombieKiler

As a final note, please post any questions regarding this competition below!


(thank you modern for making the logo :))



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