Ninja Warrior XV (10th Anniversary Competition) (Concluded)


loves the culture
Oct 26, 2013
In line with all the celebrations going on for Minr's 10th anniversary, I'm going to break the streak of summer/winter Ninja Warriors and host one on the 24th this month! After _Fire_'s triumph over the course in Ninja Warrior XIV in July, the course has been revamped and become more difficult than ever, featuring completely new obstacles as well as evolved versions of some old ones. Only one way to find out what the course looks like now!

Event Date:
October 24, 2020 (Saturday)

Event Times and Conversions:
12pm - US Pacific (UTC -7)
3pm - US Eastern (UTC -4)
8pm - United Kingdom (UTC +1)
9pm - Central Europe (UTC +2)

Prize (NEW):
To spice things up a little bit, we're going to change how prize money is determined in the event of a Total Victory (or multiple). We're going to start with a base amount of 50$ as usual, but now, we're going to increase the prize money by 5$ for every tournament without someone hitting that button on the top of the final tower. For example, if we start now and no one achieves Total Victory by the time Ninja Warrior XIX (19) rolls around, the prize money will be 70$. The prize money will be split between all winners, but everyone is guaranteed a minimum of 25$. The prize money will then reset back to 50$ in the tournament following a Total Victory.

As a reminder, you only get a prize if you finish all 4 stages of the Ninja Warrior course. You don't get the prize for going the furthest.

New Players:
Ninja Warrior here is based off the TV show of the same name, where you compete on a 4-stage obstacle course, hoping to complete all 4 courses in succession, in time. The rules work exactly the same as in real life - you get one "life", and you lose if you fall in the water (or time out!). That's more or less it, it's pretty simple; hopefully you'll stop by and give it a shot!

Sign-up Form: (Note: Please sign-up using this form only if you are certain you can make it - it makes my job setting up the event easier on the day. If you are uncertain whether or not you can make it and would like to walk-in on the day of the event, that's perfectly fine with me!)

How does the competition work on the day?
At the start of the event, everyone is given a random number (except the people who went the furthest in the last competition, usually the top 3), which determines the order in which they will run. Player #1 runs first, followed by #2, and so on. Everyone will finish running Stage 1, and those who completed it will be able to attempt Stage 2. Once again, people will be running in their numerical order, regardless of how quickly they finished Stage 1. This process is repeated for all the stages.

Will we be able to practice the obstacles beforehand?
All obstacles in this Ninja Warrior course are very straightforward, and should not require any special explanation. That being said, my stance has since changed on whether players should be given the chance to practice on the obstacles, and so there will be a chance for players to practice on Stage 1 prior to the start of the event (there will be some sort of announcement/notice given). Players will still be unable to practice on Stages 2 and beyond. If you are looking to be making a deep run into the tournament, I definitely encourage recreating some of these obstacles in single player/elsewhere on the server. Additionally, I will be doing a demonstration run prior to the beginning of every stage to clear up any potential confusions players may have.

Can I see the course yet?
I plan to have the course open for viewing roughly 72 hours prior to the event start, and then free practice on Stage 1 around 24 hours prior. There will be an announcement confirming any dates and times as the event nears.

What happens if I lag out during my run?
We've had this happen before (especially back in the days when the server was more unstable). This seems to be less of an issue now, but shall a claim be made that a player lagged/had "lagback" during his run, I will make a decision on a case-to-case basis. If it is determined that there was a case of lag during a player's run, leading to them failing the course, I will grant a re-run. I hold the final decision on any of these disputes.