thank you :)


Aug 14, 2020
hello! i just wanted to make a quick post saying thank you to the minr community. although i've only been playing on here for less than half a year, this server really means so much to me. you guys have all helped me through times when i'm sad and never fail to cheer me up!! e.g. i just moved into my new school and it's been really hectic and stressful and i've broken down crying many many times, but minr has just been a server where i can go and cheer up because i know that everyone is there for each other no matter what time of the day it is !! this is such a unique valuable community and im sure many people agree with me. honestly this post might sound super super cliche/cheesy and i know it is but i'm genuinely so grateful for everyone and i look forward to the future of minr !!