[Tutorial] Add your map(s) to the Wiki (Updated)


May 13, 2015
A little over a year ago, c_dric made a tutorial on how one could create a page on the wiki for their map(s). Sadly, almost nobody underwent the task of doing this. I suspect part of the reason for this is because there were simply too many steps and tasks people needed to do before they could begin writing about their map, and not enough explanations on what exactly they should write.

But now this process has become a lot easier. With all of the wiki's lists updated and accommodated for the new point system, and screenshots already uploaded for every map, contributors can now get to writing about their maps almost immediately.

I've been working with c_dric on making an updated version his previous tutorial, which will repeat some info from there. Several of the steps listed in the original have already been completed, so this version will focus more on the writing section.

Creating an Account and Verification

First thing you'll need to do is create an account. You can do so here:

Note the stats on the right aren't entirely accurate. The reason can simply be "To contribute", nothing glamorous needed.

Once you've done that, you still won't be able to edit pages just yet. We can't have random non-greens coming in and messing things up, so your account first needs to be verified. We haven't setup a new place for people to post their Wiki usernames to do this, so for now just do it in this thread. You'll know that you've been verified either when Rick or C tells you, or when you see a message like this under "Recent Changes" up at the topbar:

Writing the Page

Now you can go ahead and begin writing! There's no longer a need upload a screenshot or update any map lists, as I have done these already and plan to keep up with them in the future.

All map pages are divided into the following sections:

- Story (if applicable)
- Gameplay

Orgin (if applicable)



"Story" is only included if the map has a story, and "Origin" is only included if the page already has an article in it. Do not edit the text of the article, but you may change its formatting if need be. As for everything else, I've made an example page detailing what you ought to put in each of these sections, as well as what to fill in the map table and categories with. This page ought to be viewed in Edit Mode so you can properly see what formatting and syntax is needed, so go to https://wiki.minr.org/Map_Page_Template and follow the directions up top. Once you've done this, you can easily copy+paste the page into the one you're writing in. As you follow the template, fill in info in single brackets.

The example page for this tutorial will be 1010, as it's a very simple and direct map there isn't a whole lot to say about.

Map Infobox and Introduction

These two sections are the most strict on each page. The syntax on the Infobox never changes, and the introductory sentence is always exactly the same except for the key words. If everything is done right, these two should look something like this:

*Please use official names for difficulty, not the colors representing them.


This is where you, the writer, have free rein. As exemplified by 1010's page, nothing in this section has to be beautifully written or very long, though please adjust length based on the complexity and length of the map. The more content in the map has, the more there is to write about, usually. But if the map is short and/or simple, don't feel pressured to write more than is necessary. Be direct and factual, and say all that you feel is interesting or important enough to include here. I'll be very lenient, but if I feel something significant needs changed, I promise to let the writer know.

In 1010's case, both gameplay and aesthetics only need a few lines of explanation to give the player a good idea of what the whole map is like. A list of the types of wood of the hallway and parkour are included in Aesthetics for thoroughness. What counts as being thorough and what counts as stretching the page out? That will be up to your discretion, but again, I'll be very lenient. Simply follow what the template recommends you put in each section. There's a lot of different ways you can add formatting to these sections, so see https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting for help with this.

Origin, Challenges, and Trivia

Nothing much I'll say here, as all three of these are explained already in the template page. Just be sure to also include the "See more maps from [Creator]" hyperlink and add proper categories. If you're unsure what type(s) a map is, please check in the Minr Maps page.

What's The Point?

As C said in the original tutorial, making these pages is a great way to promote them. If a Planet Minecraft page were ever made on them, the wiki page could be linked there so viewers can easily know much more info about your map. Another great thing is that if you link an existing map page in a social media chat, a preview of the page will show up displaying the map's key info as well as the thumbnail used in the page, drawing people in more easily:


Another reason to do this is... well... I need help. I hope to see the Minr Wiki one day filled in, and this immense project will be made a lot easier with multiple active writers. So I ask that you guys help me out with this, both to promote maps and to one day see it completed.

One more thing I ought to add:

While I promise not to make any major changes to others' writing without letting them know (and I ask this of everyone else), do expect minor changes and additions to happen frequently.

Thank you for reading and considering!


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