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    Welcome to one of the oldest Minecraft servers and communities in the world! Zero.minr.org dates back over 13 years and has been consistently providing endless hours of fun and excitement for players from all over the globe. With an uptime of 99%, you can count on us to be here for you whenever you're in the mood for some challenging minecraft parkour, puzzles and mazes.

    Our server is home to over 600+ challenges, each designed to keep you engaged and entertained for months on end. These challenges have been created, tested and curated by our green membership community, who are true experts in all things challenges! Our community is made up of some of the most dedicated and skilled players, who have completed our Hardcore set of challenges and continue to create new and innovative experiences for our server.

    At our core, we are strongly committed to fair play and against any form of pay-to-win features. We have been privately funded since our inception, which has allowed us to provide a level playing field for all our players, free of any hidden advantages. This dedication to fair play has resulted in a thriving community where everyone has a chance to excel and showcase their skills.

    So why not join us and become a part of something truly special? Who knows, you may even have what it takes to create a challenge that will remain on our server for years to come. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer to the game, we look forward to welcoming you to our server.

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  1. O

    Possible Broken Redstone in Eisengeist?

    Need Help Question Resolved 
    Hi! I've been working my way through hardcore and I am currently in a room in Eisengeist that has two fountains and a door with 12 buttons. I am 90% certain I know the correct answer to the puzzle however every time I input it nothing happens. I have tried so many different combinations and...
  2. ShapeInBlack

    Requesting Hardcore Reset

    Dear Minr community, I first joined Hardcore in its previous rotation 10.0-10.2. The sole purpose being to achieve the green rank no matter the means. For this undertaking i used an x-ray texture pack on all of the puzzle or maze maps to get to "The Gauntlet". After being stuck on...
  3. P

    Potential Softlock in Fissure (HC-16)

    I have discovered what might be a softlock in Fissure, but I am not too sure. The area is at -227 139 -2231. After dropping down a hole, you are given instructions to parkour over the three walls. Even though you have to traverse three, I can't find a way over the first wall. I've looked...
  4. Maple_1

    Kept Items from HC-10 into HC-12

    Hiya everyone! For some reason, when I entered HC-12 (Elusion: Remastered) I had all the items that I left HC-10 (The Scorned Lands) with. This didn't happen in HC-11. This included food items (rotten flesh). As you can see, I dropped all the items in the starting room so I couldn't cheat with...
  5. MarcusDoesMC

    Hall of Fame Inquiry

    Who do I speak to about getting my name in the hall of fame after recently completing Hardcore.
  6. Jaybrain

    Miner's Millions Level 5 Possible Bug

    Hi, I believe I created the correct banners for Level 5 of Miner's Millions, but the button registers my answer as incorrect. Others commented that the banners had to be lined up perfectly, so I tried again with the banners centered more, but no luck. It didn't work when the banners were...
  7. T

    hc 2 redstone

    The redstone inside of Hardcore level 2 (also known as viemort) has a puzzle that consist of algebra. That piston door that opens once you put in the correct code is currently open and wont close. I don't know if I put in too many redstone signals and locked it open but lets try to fix this.
  8. Hex

    Hardcore Glitch

    Gonna keep this vague so that I don't post anything too spoilery. The teleport sign at the end of the Earth path of Hardcore 2 teleports you into a wall. From inside that wall you can get out of the map and, as far as I can tell, not clip yourself back into the map. This is incredibly annoying...