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Resolved Miner's Millions Level 5 Possible Bug

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New Fish
Oct 28, 2018
Hi, I believe I created the correct banners for Level 5 of Miner's Millions, but the button registers my answer as incorrect. Others commented that the banners had to be lined up perfectly, so I tried again with the banners centered more, but no luck. It didn't work when the banners were right-click placed and when they were thrown on the ground as items. I emailed swimmy an online recreation of the banners, and he also thought they were correct. Drewskeey also submitted the same banners but was denied. Is it possible that the scripts or something for the level are broken? Thank you!

(Also, I should note that we both completed the puzzle independently multiple times on previous occasions. We just happened to be at the same spot when we logged in tonight. I don't think Miner's Millions would let us progress together anyway.)


Jaybrain Miner's Millions.png
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Penguin Master
Nov 18, 2013
This was indeed a bug.

Your banner had a different way of applying the gradient than the banner on the wall (you probably added the gradient before the bordure, while the wall one had it after the bordure).
I've changed the check to deem both correct, as there is no visual difference at all.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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