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Event ❤️Love is coming to Minr❤️

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Nov 18, 2013
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Valentine is coming to Minr, once again!
This time we introduce the much requested feature (@Bananbulle): /marry <player>!
Propose to your favorite Minr player to strengthen your bond even more. Once married, you two can start a
Soul Link challenge.
A wide range of Soul Link challenges have been setup in the Event Lobby, at spawn (the building on the right towards Mazes).

For each of these challenges you beat, you will gain some
Love Points.
300 Love Points, you unlock a Love Trail.
The top 5 couples at the end of the Event (14th of March) will receive a special Title.

Alongside the Event, a brand new Cosmetic has been introduced: The Particle Trail.
Some of you may be used to it from other servers: a particle puff following the player.
Currently we have two particle trails:
-The Love Trail for the Valentine Event (Get
300 Love Points to unlock)
-The 100% Trail for the FFA Completionists (Get
100% completion rate in FFA).

Alongside the Particle Trails we have introduced a Cosmetics GUI, where easy toggling, management and unlocking of Trails and Titles can be done.
Open the GUI with
/cosmetics or /shop.

(Many thanks to CreepaShadowz for the GUI and Particle Trail features ❤)

Special Valentine Event running from today until March 14th:

/marry with another Minr player
Married players can do Soul Link challenges (see below)
On completion of a Soul Link challenge, you receive Love Points as well.

Love Points

The Valentine Event Tokens.
300 Love Points unlocks a Love Particle Trail in the GUI.
The top 5 Couples with the most Love Points at the end of the event will unlock a special Title.
Use /valentine ranks to see the current ranking.
Use /valentine completed to see if your current couple has completed a given Challenge (Love Points do not carry over to other couples, so you will need to rebeat Challenges if remarrying).
And of course, you can /divorce to bail on the marriage... (Love Points will remain recorded for the current couple.)
New Challenge Mode: Soul Link
Link with a partner and join a Soul Link Challenge.
Whenever one of the linked players die, the other dies too.
Full compatibility with Life Challenge and other Challenge Modifiers.

New Cosmetic: Particle Trails
Use /trails set <trail> to enable a trail.
Use /trails clear to clear a trail.

Currently available Trails:
'100' - A gold particle trail for 100% FFA Completionists.
love - A heart particle trail for the Valentine Event. Gain 300 Love Points during the event (with any couple) to unlock this Trail.
New GUI: 'Cosmetics Shop'
Use /cosmetics or /shop to access this GUI.
Full integration with Titles and Trails
Toggle Trails or Titles on and off in the GUI.
Actual 'shop' functionality coming soon (tm).
The different unlock requirements for Titles and Trails show up in the GUI.

New Command: /hide <player>
Temporarily hide players obstructing your view.
Also hides Titles and Trails of that player.
Upon relog the players is visible again.
The command is a toggle, perform it twice to unhide the target as well.

Titles no longer persist after logout in a vehicle.
Titles have more debug measures such that it is easier to track the cause of persisting titles.
Fix valid Scripts throwing OutdatedException when slay (and others) is used as a parameter in @bypass
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Nov 18, 2013
The valentine event has concluded. The scoreboard was as follows:

1: Son_of_Odin_2002 & luckylukecraft / 725
2: The_Fire_Ghoul & rebplane / 725
3: Jaabus & Squidyerser / 725
4: CreepaShadowz & rmanimal / 335
5: pockleshetcheeto & lomour / 325

6: ZombieKiler & TheHexer / 125
7: JustPureGold & TheHexer / 90
8: TheHexer & CreepaShadowz / 80
9 Lunar_Lad & Altryve / 80
10 rebplane & TinyYanny / 40
11: TinyYanny & Squidyerser / 40
12: Bailey06 & NoSi / 40
13: Sonnetz & huntre3444 / 40

Son_of_Odin_2002, luckylukecraft, The_Fire_Ghoul, rebplane, Jaabus, Squidyerser, CreepaShadowz, rmanimal, pockleshetcheeto, and lomour, look forward to your brand new event-exclusive Soulmate title soon ^^
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