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Update 1.13 - Roadmap

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by rickyboy320, Jul 19, 2018.

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  1. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    As you all may know, 1.13 released yesterday.
    1.13 contains many new features, such as the ocean rework, plenty of new mobs and many new mechanics. Most importantly, 1.13 also brings the "Technically Updated" update, which was combined with Update Aquatic (now the official title for 1.13).

    The Technical aspect of this update makes it much more complicated to update than a simple feature update (such as all versions between 1.8 and 1.12). The entire world format was restructured to support an infinite number of unique block types, combined with the block data rework (metadata no longer exists, and is now part of the block state). Due to these changes, commands dealing with blocks and items also had to change, which caused Mojang to go all out with restructuring the command system as well.

    Luckily a large part of the changes does not affect us, but our server is greatly dependent on vanilla commands. A large number of maps use Scripts or Command Blocks, of which now a large portion will not work correctly in 1.13.

    Given most commands would break anyways, we also decided that we could also make breaking changes to the basis of scripts.

    All of this will not cause any changes for most players, although it will greatly complicate the updating process. Given the magnitude of this update, we cannot expect it to be resolved in a weeks' time, and therefore this post serves as a status update on the process toward 1.13.

    The 'Roadmap' is as follows, marked Pending, In Progress or Completed as we go through the steps.
    • Develop & prepare MSC 2.0
    • Additional preparation work.
    • Wait for Paper and all required plugins to (stably) update to 1.13.
    • Start updating to 1.13 on a separate server, no longer accepting new script requests on Zero.
    • Fix scripts and command blocks on secondary server as needed.
    • Put Zero into 'maintenance' mode and fully update the server with all prepared work for public release.
    We will continue to keep everyone updated as we progress.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
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  2. The_Fire_Ghoul

    The_Fire_Ghoul Minr Wiki Writer Greenie

    So once the separate server is made, should players stop building as well?
  3. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    No, the Zero world will be used, so builds will carry over, but commandblocks and scripts made after the divergence will either break or disappear.
  4. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    A first version of Spigot 1.13.1 was released today, but according to the developers it is not yet safe for any world to be updated to this version. Given that we are working with a nearly 8 year old map, I rather take no chances and wait with updating to 1.13 until it is assumed to be safe.
  5. SIkye

    SIkye Active Player Greenie

    Don't you guys have back ups of the server?
  6. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    We do, but in the case we encounter world breaking bugs anywhere down the road, we would then need to roll back to the last 1.12 version to restore these bugs, since they are most likely introduced during the conversion.

    As you can imagine this would be problematic, as all Theta and Zero changes since the update would be void.
  7. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    From now on all scripts created on the zero server will no longer carry over to the 1.13 server. Please wait making scripts until then.

    All preparations are complete, we will do some extensive testing to see if the only conversion bug remaining affects us, and if not, we will start the conversion.
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  8. picklesthecheeta

    picklesthecheeta Rarely in a pickle! Greenie

    rick you might want to make the forth one blue ?
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  9. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    The conversion bug does indeed affect some of our chests in Zero and Theta (two wide chests in a particular direction spanning chunk borders).
    Because survival is very limited in Zero and Theta, we will be going through with the conversion whenever we are done fixing the scripts.

    @Drahmee we'll have to test out which chests are affected and move the items to 'safe' chests before converting.

    Apparently Mojang has said to not fix this bug in 1.13; we may have a small chance with paper (issue tracker here: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/issues/1458), but considering the small scale of the bug I'm not too worried.

    We can't give an ETA yet, but the scripts fixing is progressing quite nicely now. Last few stretches ;)
  10. picklesthecheeta

    picklesthecheeta Rarely in a pickle! Greenie

    rick you might wanna make the fifth one blue :p
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  11. Drahmee

    Drahmee Occupation: Farmer Greenie

    If it only empties the chests, I can tell you what was in them, but if the chest disappears, that's more of a problem....:)
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  12. It should only half empty your chests depending on chest location and facing value.
  13. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Seems the chest issue has been resolved in the latest build of Paper (amazing work by the devs). While we fix up the last scripts and test the maps (@Greenies we need your testing!), we can wait out any potential bugs with the fix (or other conversion issues).

    If everything goes well, I'm hoping to fully convert Zero on either wednesday or friday, depending on how time permits and how quick we get everything properly working.

    A lot of thanks to those who helped out with the conversion process so far, amazing to see how fast this goes when multiple people hack away at it :)
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  14. Notes to add... Test you maps for exits in water. Players will now be able to swim through 1 block openings in water and potentially escape or get ahead on maps. Bare in mind that block changes will not transition so please do not try to make any changes on the test server.

    I will be adding a report form on the forum tomorrow for any areas that will require fixing or scripts/command blocks that may still be broken.

    Please join the test server and report any of your finds so we can get them ironed out before we update.

    Test ip: zero.minr.org:25566
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  15. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    We're nearing a close with all scripts and commandblocks that need to be updated. We're pretty much done with everything we can do on the test server, as the rest requires changing the world, or requires changing commandblocks, which we cannot do from the test server.

    We have about 10 more maps that need testing, which should be finished somewhere tomorrow. Therefore I want to go ahead and start updating the live server to 1.13 come friday.

    Thanks to all those involved, you guys really saved a whole lot of work by helping out testing every map :)
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