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Update [1.13] Update has concluded

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by rickyboy320, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    The update to 1.13 has concluded. We are now on the latest version; join now with the latest minecraft version on the launcher. A preview version of Optifine is out, but be sure to click on preview versions to download it. See here for more information:
    1. Go to optifine.net
    2. Click Downloads
    3. Click Preview versions;

    View attachment 2468
    4. Download and install the 1.13.1 version of your choice (screenshot above, only one 1.13.1 version is available)

    Do note that a lot of things are bound to break, and worst case scenario (if a lot of things go wrong the first few days), we have to reset back to the 1.13 version that is opening now, meaning that all progress will be rolled back. (I really doubt this will happen, but the possibility is present, may things go down south hard).

    We have done a decent amount of testing, but not all maps are functional yet. Please report broken maps, scripts, shortcuts and anything you find out of the ordinary on the forums, and we'll look into it. With such a big map, we can never test everything within reasonable time.

    The following days we will continue making sure everything works properly, and during this time Delta (top voted name for the new survival world) will not open yet, as we're also still in the process of properly setting that up.

    Worldborders for Zero and Theta have been setup. Theta now has a Theta_nether and Theta_the_end, for those creative projects in the end. We will setup warps to these dimensions respectively, though you can also use nether/ender portals. (Be sure that you do not end up in maps through the portals, and if you do, report it immediately).

    For greens, some of your maps have temporarily been moved to the board, so that they are inaccessible from FFA. A post should be present in the 1.13 helpdesk where you can read up on the details that have to be changed before we can put it back into FFA. (Sometimes this requires the aid of an op, we'll try to get to it ASAP)

    For the server architecture, we have done a major amount of improvements, attempting to stay as close to vanilla as possible (removing unnecessary commands, plugins and aliases), preferring player experience above anything else.
    Paper has also recently released Async Chunk loading and generation, allowing for blazingly fast chunk loading. Since this is no longer a performance bottleneck, we have upgraded the max view distance from 6 to 16, and depending on performance we may even increase this in the future, if requested.

    Due to the massive command rework even maps like DOOM-ED and Solstice should behave fully operational again.

    I am confident to say the full configuration (inclding plugins) of the Minr server is architecturally the best it has ever been, although it will definitely require some getting used to. Now we merely have to make sure the maps and the server works as it's supposed to ;)

    Have a great time on the server, apologies for the long duration of the update (a LOT had to be done), but I'm sure the next few updates will not be as intensive :)
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  2. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Followup post to announce that Delta has now opened. Use /warp delta to get there.
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  3. Drahmee

    Drahmee Occupation: Farmer Greenie

    You knew I would ask...what's the deal with inventories for Delta and Zero?
  4. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    As posted in #greenies;
    The point is that Delta is dynamic, and therefore inventory transfers from Zero to Delta aren’t permitted (they’d automatically set you to end game and that’s boring). To preserve your progress in Delta you can carry over your inventory (and builds) to Zero, where they will be immortalized, but this is strictly a one-way operation.
  5. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

    Someone told me that Delta has no border, I haven't checked yet. Wasn't the point to have a tight border so that we'd build close together like the old days?
  6. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Someone raised a valid concern that when a tight worldborder is up, exploration (such as finding treasure with treasure maps, netherfortresses, or end cities in the end) would be extremely limited. Considering the aim of this update (actually exploring), limiting the world border makes little sense.
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