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Maintenance [1.13] Update Maintenance on this Friday, 28th

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by rickyboy320, Sep 26, 2018.

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  1. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    It's almost time to swim with the fish and dolphins!

    This Friday, the 28th of September, the server will go down for an undetermined period of time during maintenance.
    During this maintenance the server will be updated to the Minecraft 1.13 Update.
    Since this update contains massive changes to the groundwork of our server, the maintenance will be much longer than normal maintenances, and therefore will take up an undetermined period of time.

    During the maintenance, the following will be done:
    • Update the server to 1.13, which includes:
      • Full conversion of Zero and Theta to the 1.13 world format.
      • Updating and removal of outdated/nonessential plugins.
      • Conversion to new permissions plugin.
      • Resolution of 1.12->1.13 conversion issues.
    • Update Minr Scripts to version 2:
      • All major work for this has been completed, issues may still present themselves however.
    Do note that come weeks after this update things are EXTREMELY likely to be broken, so please help out and report them as soon as possible to the forums. We have gone through enormous lengths to make the change as painless as possible, but due to the tremendous scale we cannot guarantee we caught everything.

    Estimated start time of maintenance:
    • 7 AM UTC
    • 9 AM CEST
    • 12 midnight PST
    • 5 PM AET

    I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the update so far. You all have been a tremendous help!
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  2. Update for 1.13 has commenced, please be patient whilst we make the conversion, again this will take an undetermined amount of time before we resolve all issues.

    For the mean time a challenge has been set to draw a picture of what you love most about minr. Please feel free to post them on the forum or in Discord general channel.
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