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Question 1.13?

Apr 16, 2014
I'm wondering why the server uses 1.13 because in my experiences it really seems like 1.8 is arguably the most suitable and stable version for parkour (since this server is dedicated to parkour). I'm assuming there is some technical or behind the scenes reasons, such as a plug-in or something. I don't know, I just think that more people would play if it used 1.8.


Penguin Master
Nov 18, 2013
How is 1.8 any better for parkour? It's not like any movement changed other than swimming.

We're not purely a parkour server, we also do puzzles, mazes (and in some form or another survival).
Having new building blocks that come with updates are useful, as it allows more ways to express, on top of the new ocean and swimming mechanics that can be utilized.

The new 1.13 commands greatly improve on the way puzzles can be scripted and commandblocked, alongside a ton of bugfixes and general QoL updates...

I see absolutely no reason to stay with a 4 year old version, as it's *in no way* supported anymore.

Better question, I'm wondering why servers still use 1.8 when it's so out of date.


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
KazukiVIRUS said:
...why i play in 1.8 is because parkour works best in 1.8 versions owing to ladder hitbox changes and iron bar neo removal...
This is the reason if I remember correctly, alongside with some movement with ladders being less glitchy (likely due to available anticheat). But yeah, there is a noticeable difference between 1.8 and 1.9 in certain situations.

I think the benefits of 1.13 outweigh this sort of stuff though.


Oct 26, 2013
Many servers are too restricted to update to 1.13 because the mods that they rely on no longer have support.

The possibilities and expansion of ideas from 1.13 and forthcoming updates far outweigh a ladder hitbox. Whilst we have a lot parkour, it is not minrs soul purpose. Having the latest updated version gives players more creativity, it's that creativity that sets us aside from the rest of the crowd.

I remember having to alter certain ladder jumps post that update but other than that it's not really caused any major concern.
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