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Broadcast 1.14 Prep


Oct 26, 2013
With the recent release of 1.14 we will be looking to migrate Minr to 1.14 as soon as plugin updates have occurred and we feel the server is ready for the transition.

There is obviously going to be some potential map breaking features in the 1.14 update so in order to prepare for the migration we ask that all map makers inspect their maps and make necessary rectifications prior to the upgrade.

A new forum is available for potential 1.14 issues creating a new thread will allow you to create a report allowing staff or map creators to make necessary rectifications prior to upgrade.

Some of serious potential 1.14 issues that you should be observant of:
  • Players can crouch through 1.5 block openings.
  • Players can now climb free hanging vines.
  • Pistons now push the player into a crawl either above or below.
  • Trap doors can push a player into crawl when activated.
  • Players can reach lower when shifting (Button reach may be improved)
  • Some neo jumps may now be harder if not impossible.
If you have anything further to add to this list please contact me.

If you encounter any potential problems in maps please feel free to report them here

Lets try and make this transition as smooth as possible.