1.18 Roadmap

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Nov 18, 2013
Hello hello! As some of you may know, 1.18 is in its final stretch, with Mojang releasing a first release candidate today! Vanilla 1.18 is scheduled to come out on the 30th of November.

As is usual, our server software (paper) will likely not be immediately up to date the same day, and even less so bug-free. Here's the roadmap that we will follow as we're gearing up to update Minr to 1.18, marked Pending, In Progress or Completed as we go through the steps:
  • Wait for Paper and all required plugins to stably update to 1.18.
  • Perform a test conversion to 1.18 on a separate server.
  • Check validity of world map (are fall-to-void areas are still as such).
  • Put Minr into 'maintenance' mode and fully update the server for public release.
  • Minr is on 1.18!
  • Prepare and open Delta 3, and retire Delta 2.
Requests for transfer of Delta builds to Zero or Theta can now be requested in #staff-requests on Discord, or on the helpdesk on the forums.

We will continue to keep everyone updated as we progress.
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