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Published 1010 has been released to Free for All

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Oct 25, 2013

1010 is a new parkour map designed by Bureine and Son_Of_Odin_2002. It was built around the simple desire to make a parkour map that was 1010 blocks long. Its simplistic palette, symmetrical design and endurance testing stages will be sure to give advanced parkour players a challenging and enjoyable experience.

Quotes about the map:
...the symmetry of the parkour is quite fantastic. It gives the jumps some character, and makes them quite enjoyable to play.
It's more about enduring/making consistent jumps than just trying to be super hard.
The map has a simple palette of wood, but it works really well.

To join this map type: /c join 1010

Map creator: Bureine, Son_Of_Odin_2002

The map type is Parkour

The map Difficulty is: Hard
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Not open for further replies.