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11.2.0-1 patch notes (2023/07/01-2023/07/07)

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Nov 18, 2013
Hi everyone, a new server and plugin update just went live. These are the items that have been updated:


- Update to 1.20.1

- Add /party set deathmsgs enable|disable [default], to control the appearance of death messages in party chat.
- /party list now has spaces between members' names.
- /party list now shows a count of online and offline members.

- Signs are no longer broken when creating a special sign without permissions (but they are reverted instead).
- Special signs are automatically waxed.
- Waxed signs can still be edited by operators using the feather.

- Add /join, a super join command that can join maps, challengers, and players (with that priority order).
- Add /die, /respawn, as aliases of /kill.
- Added /points as an alias of /checkpoint points.
- Sending a message to a player will now only update their /reply target after half a second, fixing reply-sniping.
- Add /warps as an alias of /listwarp.
- Fix invisible prefixes not being shown with styling in /prefix and /whois.
- The tab completions for /checkpoint setgamemode are now shown in lowercase.
- Fix the descriptions of several commands.
- Fix the displayed usages for several commands.

Maps & Challenges
- A player's completion rank is now shown when they gain points upon completing a map.
- A player's challenge rank is now shown when they gain challenge points upon completing a challenge.
- Ranks shown in the map/challenge completions messages are now coloured according to their leaderboard position.
- The rank of a player's time shown when joining a map or challenge is now white instead of grey for non-top 3 times.
- The colours of the first, second, and third leaderboard positions have been adjusted to more closely resemble actual gold, silver, and bronze.
- The colour associated with black maps is now lighter to make text written in it easier to read.
- The colour associated with unassessed maps has been changed to distinguish text written in it from surrounding text.
- /checkpoint|challenge completed|uncompleted now resets to page 1 when you change the sorting mode.
- /checkpoint|challenge completed|uncompleted now no longer refer to "comparison mode" instead of sort mode.
- /checkpoint|challenge create now check for tag and name collisions with both maps and challenges, not just maps/challenges respectively.
- Fix /challenge addmodifier|removemodifier not always checking if a modifier already / did not already exist.


- Add /namespace list, to list all system- and user-declared namespaces.
- Change /namespace info to run all of /namespace variables, /namespace functions, and /namespace types.
- Add /type info, which runs /type fields, /type methods, and /type constructors.
- Allow /type fields to be used on built-in types.
- Fix /type fields referring to types as namespaces and fields as variables.

- Fixed personal best showing up with grey instead of lime colouring.
- Fix the blue rankup progress tracker calling the rank "Blue" instead of "Elite Fish".


Nov 18, 2013
11.2.1 went online earlier today with only one change, so it does not warrant its own thread.

- Fix players with optifine getting kicked for "illegal mods".
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