11th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt


Board Grandpa
Jul 26, 2016
Find and click all 20 Alpha Diamond Blocks hidden around Zero to get an exclusive cosmetic reward!
All locations are (just about) within 1500 blocks of 0,0. As well, each location has a
yellow beacon added for added visibility.
Beyond that, to help you narrow down the area you need to search, you'll be given the quadrant of the location, a general description of the area and a screenshot!
Feel free to work with others! However, if you are green rank, please avoid using /call or teleporting around! Walk around and enjoy exploring!

Happy Hunting!

Location 1: In Gril33d's area, near J's Jumpcourse, a Giant Chicken and a QR Code, Negative Negative (- -)

Location 2: At the end of the railway near MufinMcFlufin's Spleef Arena, Negative Negative (- -)11thscav2.png

Location 3: Overlooking a frozen lake, near some boats and an upside down lava pyramid. Negative Negative (- -)11thscav3.png

Location 4: In Soarer's area, in a mossy stone brick castle. Negative Negative (- -)

Location 5:At the top of a cobblestone tower, near a birthday cake, a long ship and an alpha block spiral. Negative Positive (- +)

Location 6: On top of a cobblestone pyramid near the New District. Negative Positive (- +)11thscav6.png

Location 7: In a sheep farm inside a giant walled castle. Negative Positive (- +)11thscav7.png

Location 8: On the front of a ruined ship in a ruined village. Negative Positive (- +)

Location 9: At the top of an incomplete quartz structure. Negative Positive (- +)

Location 10: In front of a pyramid, near a giant die and a barn. Positive Positive (+ +)

Location 11: On the bridge near Minas Tirith and Osgiliath. Positive Positive (+ +)11thscav11.png

Location 12: In a floating island near Scionozion's Philosophy Company. Positive Negative (+ -)

Location 13: On a cannonball near kenad's pixel art. Positive Negative (+ -)

Location 14: On a balcony near Chillers' Door Maze. Negative Negative (- -)11thscav14.png

Location 15: In front of Zureai's castle, near a giant QR code and a large water curtain. Negative Negative (- -)11thscav15.png

Location 16: In the S.S. The Nerdy, near two other large ships. Negative Negative (- -)

Location 17: On a cliff, overlooking an ornate walled area. Negative Positive (- +)11thscav17.png

Location 18: In front of a giant cobblestone diamond and near a giant wool cross. Negative Positive (- +)11thscav18.png

Location 19: In c_dric's area, on the side of a hill. Negative Positive (- +)

Location 20: In front of a sphinx near two pyramids and a large sandstone temple. Positive Positive (+ +)11thscav20.png