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Resolved 2 More Expert Map No Checkpoints Challenges Requested!

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Active Player
Oct 26, 2017
Hey this is Average,
I know that me and alot of other people in the extreme parkour community would love to see more hard challenges and I believe that both of these that I am about to propose are extremely difficult but QUITE doable.

If you say they are too hard, THAT is the point. Make something that very few can do, I dont even care If I can't do it. Its something to work towards and a chance to get better.

Challenge Name: No More Rainbows!
Challenge Modifier: No Checkpoints
Challenge Map List: In Rainbows
Challenge pt Value: 125

Challenge Name: (Stranded) or (Wilsons Sails)
Challenge Modifier: No Checkpoints
Challenge Map List: Survivor
Challenge Point Value: 225

My reasoning for the higher point value for Survivor is I believe this challenge to be more difficult that the other Expert maps with no cps.
I think that our parkour community is on the way to working into a higher skill gap, evident with heartless and fantasy islands.
Thank you for considering.
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