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Broadcast 7th anniversary!

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Nov 18, 2013
It feels like yesterday when I made last years post about hexa. Challenges were relatively new back then, and Hexa was received quite well. However, challenges weren't exactly where I hoped them to be. They are quite hard to find, but more particularly, the reward was lacking.
I hope to have fixed this by bringing out the Anniversary Update (aka Challenges 2.0, or 'Competitiveness update').

What does it entail?

The overarching theme of this update, focussing on player versus player experiences.
We've added leaderboards to challenges, hexa, challenge points and a 'global leaderboard'.
The Challenges leaderboard will work similar to how map leaderboards work. They are also added on the daily and weekly (you'll read more about that in the next section), rewarding extra bonusses at the end of the cycle for getting a top time on those. (/ch times)
The Hexa leaderboard will display the players that got to the highest stages. (/ch hexa)
The Challenge Points leaderboard will display the players with the highest amount of c-points. (/ch ranks)

The global leaderboard is a bit more complicated, and currently has all to do with FFA.
The idea originally stems from ZombieKiler (thanks dude!) and works as follows:
A dynamic score is calculated around your highest time on every map, taking the relative difficulty in account. All these dynamic scores are added together and represent your 'global points'. In practice, this means that beating someone's #1 time will add some global points to you, and take some from the original #1 owner. All these points are represented in a global leaderboard, accessible through /c ranks.

New challenges

Path of Heroes
A super-challenge henniboy321 and I have been working on. The specifics will be for you to discover.
It's quite a hard challenge, accessible only by those who have #1 on the (previous) weekly. The reward is some challenge points and an all-new cosmetic: the heroic 'Hero' title.

Similar to the Daily, the Weekly is a challenge spanning an entire week. Ranging from 8-15 maps, this can be a very easy, or super hard challenge. As mentioned in the previous section, getting a top time (#1-#3) rewards you some additional challenge points.

Not much changed in here, other than the addition of a remaining-time timer in /ch info. The subcommand /ch daily is now completely removed, in favor of the default command. The dailies will restart from 0 this update.

To prevent cluttering the chat, we had to come up with a solution that would still be rewarding to players. A completely aesthetical approach was the addition of 'titles'. These are additional name-bars floating above the player's name. Currently only Path of Heroes and Hexa reward titles, but once the feature becomes more stable we'll be adding them to more types of rewards (events, other challenges, secrets..., other projects...)
The title is invisible for yourself (similar to your nameplate) but visible to other players. Because MC doesn't really support this very well, there might be some bugs. If you encounter some, please message me.

  • /ch info - First page is the info page, reward, name, challengetypes etc. Rest of the pages are the maps and thus discord friendly!
  • /ch current - Similar to the previous /ch hexa, but now 'generalized' - /ch current. Displays someone's current challenge, much like /c cp.
  • 5-point maps and challenges rewarding more than 60 c-points now announce your (first) completion in chat.
  • Feedback on joining challenges and maps has been cleaned up and shouldn't result in walls of text.
  • Hexa no longer rewards C-points, and any previously awarded c-points have been removed.
  • Welcome to Hell now rewards less c-points, and any previously awarded c-points have been adjusted.
  • /c points now shows global points, rank for c-points and percentage for FFA points.
There's probably a bit more that I have forgotten about, I should keep track of what I change, but sometimes I get carried away :)

  • /ch list arrows now work again.
  • /ch commands are no longer case sensitive.

For ops:
/c and /ch removetime now accurately removes the time, instead of the completion, while
/c and /ch removecompletion remove both the time and the completion. /ch removealltimes has also been adapted to only remove times.

Please report any bugs at the helpdesk on the forums. We'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

Happy seventh anniversary MINR!!!

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