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Suggestion A possible race/betting feature for casino token bets!


Active Player
Oct 26, 2017
Hi all!
This is AverageIPA.
I am about to talk about a brief feature that could end up being very fun.
I believe that a racing feature with custom player and map picking could be a very fun addition to this server.
What this command would look like would include a number of things.
./race (Would open a hub with people that have set up pending/random races)
Possibly a ./race top (Would include who has won the most races)
A betting feature would look something like this:

./race [[Playername]] : [[Mapname]] : [[Casino bet amount]] : [[Time limit before race concludes]]

Example: I want to race someone on Spectral for 50 casino tokens

KimbosIPA Spectral 50 600 (Seconds)

This race would have a 3-5 second countdown and then the race begins, the race concludes when one player hits the endsign and the casino tokens would be awarded to the winning player.

I am fully aware the amount of scripting that would go into this, I just thought it seemed like a dope idea.
Possible Cons of this Idea:
It would take alot of work

Possible smurfing for tokens

Boosting tokens with new accounts

Agreeing to throw the race so one person would rack up race wins

Any number of bugs with the plugin.

This is just an idea I thought could be fun!
I'd love to know your thoughts.
Thanks Again,
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