Add parkour to the description of what you need to do in the map Blight


Aug 20, 2017
My friend really enjoys puzzles, and we occasionally come on here do to puzzle maps, but she can't do parkour at all. We saw it said Blight was pure puzzle so we started playing it and having fun, then we got to the canary puzzle and she's just raging and doesn't wanna play anymore. And we know what to do, because I've completed the puzzle, but the timer is just soooo tight and requires very good movement skills (parkour) and she doesn't have parkour skills to complete any of the 3. Just kinda sucks because we spent 6 hours to get here and now we have to quit the map since she can't progress any further. lol sorry not tryin to rage, its a good map we just got false advertised :p


The Anti-Navigationalist
Oct 29, 2017
I don't think it would be much more accurate to put it in the mixed puzzles section; there's only one required jump in the map. I get your point about it being movement-based, though; I'd be happy to add a disclaimer at the start of the map that it includes a timed movement puzzle if that's a good compromise. :' )