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Allow Reward Proposal's to be Used for Switching a Map's Map Type

Should Reward Proposals be used for switching Map Types?

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Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
This has been something that I have been pondering for a while now and I think we are at a kind of crossroads as to how we handle it officially.

On one hand, Board/Staff will change a maps map type designation if the creator asks for it be moved. Ex. Four Elements Water

But what about when the creator is inactive? Or if their opinion on the map type doesn't match the greater Minr Community's opinion? Ex. The two current suggestion threads by Nathan and Kosmo

I think that the way that we handle a map's difficulty is can be easily applied to allowing the community to vote on changing a map's map type. I can already think of more than a few maps that I believe should belong in a different category. A player simply uses the same reward proposal to propose changing a map to a different type Ex. Mixed Puzzle with X -> Adventure OR Parkour -> Mixed Parkour with X. I personally don't think that we would need an entire thread for adding a subtype to the mixed sections.

This will allow for the non-board community members to also have a say in how maps are defined, particularly older maps whose creators are no longer active.

I added a poll in case you want to express your opinion without posting in the thread.

We already have this great system in place for changing a maps difficulty, why not also apply it to changing a map's type? Let me know y'alls thoughts.


May 13, 2015
Difficulty is far more subjective and less clear cut than map type—generally speaking, maps are very easily sortable into the genres and categories we have in place: parkour, maze, puzzle, and search, with pure/mixed and adventure for even mixes of 3 or more types. There are rare cases where two types of gameplay are present nearly or exactly the same in a map and it becomes unclear, but these are quite few and far between. What types a map is designated with are not really up to the creator (the only exception I can think of is if it’s extremely close), similarly to the difficulty rating. For cases where it isn‘t clear, simple Helpdesk requests in the form of threads do the trick.

This isn’t a bad idea by any means, I just find it rather unnecessary given the rarity of the cases and the simple, quick solutions we already have in place for said rare instances.
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Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
But what quick and simple solutions do we have in place?

There are currently two proposals in the Helpdesk section but what actually determines if they go through or not? There isn't any metric for actually deciding it. Do they make a poll and we vote for it? How many votes is required? Does Board take a vote? Does Staff simply move them if one player requests it? Do we just need to all reply to it if we agree?

FEW was changed because Capry requested it and the sign at spawn was simply put in the wrong place as Board decided it was Mixed Puzzle. Past that, it doesn't seem that Helpdesk has been used for changing map type.

Reward proposals will always get a definitive yes or no while these two current proposals are seeming to be lost in the Helpdesk section without any official ruling or feedback. Hellter Skelter having a mostly positive vote t o change to Mixed Parkour with Search and Troll Kingdom having a mostly negative vote to change, but what metric decides if its "denied" or "granted"? To me, that process is exactly how we already use Reward Proposals.

I think that many Green+ players can recall a point when a White player said something along the lines of, "Why is there a maze/puzzle/search in this pure parkour?" "I thought this was pure, but there is X in here."

I see that message more often than not, and in many cases I agree with those players. A map being mixed/pure I think can similarly be subjective just like difficulty. Here are some examples that I came up with that I have seen brought up in chat:
End of World is currently Mixed Parkour with Search, I think it should be Mixed Search with Parkour, I spent more time searching than parkouring.
Breaking Free 2 has a small puzzle and has a good deal of searching at the beginning, is that enough to make it mixed? I think that is subjective.
Duat has a small parkour section, should it still be Mixed Maze with Parkour and Puzzle or should it drop parkour? I think that is subjective.
Bad Ending is Pure Parkour yet has a search type of challenge near the end. Is that enough for it to go to Mixed?
Magmatic Fusion has 3 Pure Parkour sections, 2 Section that are more somewhat Mixed(Beginning and Buttons), and 1 part that is maze, but it is currently in Adventure, I think that it would be better suited in Mixed Parkour.
Those are not just my own thoughts, that is what I have seen in chat by players of all ranks, making it 7 maps (Spoiler + 2 in Helpdesk). I do not believe that it is an overwhelmingly minority of cases, just less common than difficulty changes.

If Board/Map Creator can mislable what a difficulty is, whose to say that they can't also misjudge the map type? Even if this would only be used in a minority of situations, there is no harm in simply adding it to the reward proposal process. I see no downside to allowing using the already incredibly efficient Reward Proposal process to allow for it.

But, if the general consensus is that it would not be used as often as difficulty and thus adding it would not greatly contribute to the server, I think that having a metric for deciding it, because I truly believe that it happens often enough (and would happen more often if the process was streamlined), should be implemented or discussed.


Jul 30, 2018
(This is only in theory if there is a voting system & it's not just a suggestion.)
Think of this, you have a map that is borderline yellow/orange. That is something you can actually vote "yes/no" to. When it comes to map types I feel that the answer is not really "subjective" but the far majority of them have actual answers. Example: Say button button is labeled as an adventure map, when it is very clearly a puzzle/search. There is not much to argue about this as it is factually a puzzle with a search and not an adventure map. Having a legitimate case in which it is possible to argue the maps actual correct labeling is incredibly rare. This feature would most likely be underused in most cases and I feel it's far too small for it to be a practical implementation.
Though of course, this is simply what I believe.
I do think there could be a better way to bring up a map labeling issue, such as possibly a suggestion.

Edit: I've been meaning to post this comment for a bit sorry if it seems a bit late in the context.


Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020

As it seems that my post was found brash, standoffish, and/or arrogant, I have opted to remove the post. Thanks and apologies.
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