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Suggestion Armor stand tools plugin


Active Player
Nov 18, 2018
I would like to suggest the Armor Stand Tools plugin for Minr. The plugin is basically an easy way to do things to armor stands which would normally require pretty complex commands. It also makes changing the armor stands after placing them possible, which saves a lot of time. I think that this plugin will help map builders create more complex armor stands without needing extensive experience with the summon command.

Link to plugin:

How it works:
When a player types /ast the armor stand tool inventory pops up. This will replace your current inventory, but after using /ast again it will restore that. With the armor stand tool inventory you select to place an armor stand. This will make an armor stand fly in front of you which will follow your head directions so you can place it at roughly the area you want it to be. After placement, shears in the inventory can be used to move the armor stand in every 6 directions by holding it down on the armor stand (there are 3 shears, shifting does the opposite of what standing does. Example: shear Y will lift the armor stand, shifting while holding it will move it down).
After moving it, left clicking in the air with the armor stand menu will toggle you through different parts of the armor stand to move. When back at the menu, you can also click a nether star looking at an armor stand. This will open a small menu with which you can do things like:
-Toggle gravity (flying armor stand or one that can fall)
-Toggle size between baby armor stand and adult
-Toggle invisibility
In this menu you can also change the armor and add items in the left and right hand of the armor stands.

As for possible issues, the plugin does respect regions with worldguard, but the last time I've worked with it (which is a year ago) people could summon the flying armor stand and walk around it on other regions (just not place them). That's kind of an aesthetic issue as it will not really affect gameplay, but of course it's not something you'd want. This is why I think only OP's should be able to summon the armor stands, or the command should be disabled anywhere.
Greenies could get some smaller perms but maybe the invisibility would be a problem as the armor stands would be kind of pesky to find.
Worldedits near armor stands was also kind of an issue, as this would destroy the armor stands, but it may be a solution to fix places flooded/invisible with armorstands.

In conclusion, the armor stand tool would make creating lots of creative armor stands a lot easier, but should be adapted before implementing to avoid any abuse and issues.


Oct 26, 2013
Whilst it is a pain setting up armorstands, that down side to implementing external mods is that we rely on them to be updated prior to server upgrades, Which means that it could delay the upgrades. Unless it causes concern with performace i don't see and issue with using this plugin, however we should not rely on it for upgrading the server and it may be removed at a later date. Rick is the best person to see if this is ideal or not.


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
As long as it doesn't break between versions we don't need to wait for it to update. Vanish hasn't received any significant updates since 2014 but still works well. Given that it's open source, if it does break but only needs minor fixes we can update it ourselves.

I would suggest that it be ops-only due to the ability do a number of not so great things (spawn permanently invisible entities, potentially trigger plates/tripwires through blocks with the floating stand, put arbitrary items into your inventory, etc). Seems like a cool plugin though.