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[Ban Appeal] Tobyepic21

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New Fish
Feb 1, 2015
Let me get one thing straight, I cant post on the Ban Appeal section, so Im doing it here.

Last year (A LOOOOOONNNNGGG time ago), my brother trolling in chat and got me banned. One year later, my friend showed me this server and I want in on this epicness :D

But as I said, I am banned. My brother has *ahem* matured, and he wont do it again. I take full responsibilities for any future outbursts on this account. This might be difficult because of the whole 1 year ago thing, it might be hard to get the banning admin/mod, so yeah.

I was banned from the Zero server by the way, and I look forward to participating in the community once this thing gets off... Sorry if you can pull up logs from a year ago too... but either way, another chance with a fresh face (to you guys anyway) would be a good thing for me.

Thanks for your time!


Killer of Very Large Horses
Oct 27, 2013
Please look for the button at the side of the forums and fill out the ban appeal form, it will automatically post to the ban appeals section.

To keep in mind while filling it out, if you tell us the truth as to why you were banned, your chances of getting unbanned are alot higher. We dont buy the "it was my brother/sister/cat" at all


Oct 26, 2013
Hi @Tobyepic21 please enter your Ban appeal at this link.

[2014-01-10] [22:56:44] henniboy321: Tobyepic21 unmuted
[2014-01-10] [22:56:44] Tobyepic21: well finally,
[2014-01-10] [22:57:01] Tobyepic21: ibe been waiting for fucking ever for you shibag to give a fuck about the most imortant person here,
[2014-01-10] [22:57:10] Tobyepic21: fucker noob, you fuckign forgot you shitbag
[2014-01-10] [22:57:18] henniboy321 issued server command: /mute Tobyepic21
Piece of advice, I've read through the entire 3 day log and there is immaturity and swearing starting from 19 mins in (your first kick btw) to the 3rd day, so unless it's your brothers own account or you are as immature as your supposed brother. The old " brother got me banned excuse" won't fly here. It is the oldest excuse in the book. So I'd advise you come clean when you make the official appeal because quite frankly, we really aren't stupid.

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