/c points ranks


Active Player
May 18, 2020
Hey, I have no idea about the feasibility of this, but I was thinking recently that it might be nice to have a command like /c points ranks as an analogue to /c ranks and /ch ranks, to track players' points/map completion percent. I know that I'm often curious about which players currently have the most points, which usually involves manually checking out each player I think has a lot of points. I know that many other players also do this from chatting with them, and that whities and blues often also ask about who has the most points or how they compare to others. I also think it would be cool to be able to track your progress in points in comparison to other players to see yourself slowly climb the ladder on the hunt for 100%. Again I have no idea on the feasibility of this, but I know I and others would find this useful and thought it would be cool to have. Thanks for reading :)


New Fish
Jul 24, 2020
I like the idea of this feature and it sounds like something I think would be used a lot. Not sure how difficult this would be to pull off though


off the rails!!
Jul 26, 2019
As a side note that I’ll just add here, with many players asking how many points 100% is (as well as asking about other point milestones), it might be cool if /c points showed your points in a 514/3427 (15%) sort of vibe to be able to better see near future goals and calculate how far off you are from x% easier.