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Capture the Flag - Work in progress

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Oct 26, 2013
To be updated

Two teams (Red & Blue) each have their own colour flag placed at random in their home castle. The objective is to capture the other team's flag by right-clicking it and taking it back to the bell located in the main hall of your own castle.

When a flag is stolen the player will be displayed holding the flag and will have a glowing effect until they have either been killed or have successfully captured the flag.

If the player holding the flag is killed it will be automatically returned to the castle at a random location.

There is a maximum of 7 rounds. The first team to capture 4 of their opponent's flags win.

Flags and Locations
The flag is Minecraft banner it is important to ensure you right-click the center as the hitboxes are small.
Blue Flag located in the main tower

Each teams flag will randomly spawn in 1 of four locations. They will spawn directly on top of a Sea Lantern.
They can be found in:
  • The Main Tower
  • The Bedroom
  • The Study/Library
  • The Dungeon
Modes & Game Rules
Only an admin can change the modes and game rules.

[Vanilla Mode]
Vanilla mode sets all players with the same health, armour and weaponry. This is the most balanced version of the game.​

[Classes Mode] - Experimental
Classes mode allows players to choose different class types. These include Swordsman, Archer, Mage, Assassin, Heavy Archer and Berserker. Each class comes with its own perks, health, weaponry and armour. Some classes can be deemed more overpowering than others and buffing still needs to take place.​

[Food Enabled]
Enabling food will allow players in Vanilla mode to spawn with a steak in their inventory.​
[Limbo Enabled]
Enabling Limbo will allow players to join the game whilst there is an ongoing session.​
Your castle and watchtower gates cannot be closed, once they are opened they will remain open throughout the entire game. It would be wise to try and keep them closed for as long as possible as this can limit the entry points to your castles.

Additional Weapons and tools
Throughout the map, there are weapons available for everyone to use, each has its own global cooldown timer. These include:
  • Cannons - Arrows and Fireballs
  • Rapid-fire Arrow Turrets (Minecarts)
  • Trebuchet Heavy Artillery - Located on the castle roof
  • Trebuchet Launch Pads - This allows players to leap over the castle walls.
  • Potion droppers - Located in the caves
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