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Challenge Ideas from Autre and Others

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Tree Hugger
Mar 1, 2020
Hello! Recently I have been brainstorming some new challenges, some using modifiers we currently have in place. Seeing a lot of other challenges from misc. threads, I also wanted to give them another shot at being implemented as I think a lot of people had some really good ideas. I did my best to come up with challenges that fit the modifiers they are with. Challenges are listed below their assigned modifier.

Soul Link Challenges:
Sakura -> Sanctuary -> Heavenly Ascent -> Inferno -> Space Race
10 C-Points

A short series of white pure parkour maps with some kind of kill potential. This is meant for the white soul link box, as it is currently empty.
C-Points: 5 Total Map Points x 2 (Soul Link Modifier) = 10

First Date:
Blazeville -> Beanstalk -> Nether Quest -> Sprucelands -> Spectral
20 C-Points

Similar to the one above but with blue pure parkour maps with some kill potential. I think some easier soul link challenges may appeal to the white/blue audience.
C-Points: 10 Total Map Points x 2 (Soul Link Modifier) = 20

No Checkpoint Challenges:
The Great Escape (Credit to Big/Electro):
Breaking Free -> Breaking Free 2
60 C-Points

2 classic maps and beloved maps that I've seen mentioned several times. Would love to see this implemented.
C-Points: 14 Total Map Points x 4 (No CP Modifier + Long Maps) = 56, round to 60

Time Traveler:
Clutterfunk -> Time Labs
80 C-Points

Two maps about the future and the past. No checkpoints because you don't want to get stuck in either!
C-Points: 19 Total Map Points x 4 (No CP Modifier + Long Maps) = 76, round to 80

Limited Lives Challenges:
Seamus, Jonas, and Rickard:
Chaoskampf - 3 Lives
250 C-Points

Another brutal challenge for y'all. Let me know what y'all think about life count here.
C-Points: 25 Total Map Points + Extremely Hard Modifier. Believe this to sit between Stranded No-CP's and Rapture No-CP's.

Crayons -> The 256 Drop -> Dropping 2 -> Nightmare - 20 Lives
80 C-Points

I know we already have Free Fallin', but I think a challenge with a modifier could be more interesting. Most of those lives are meant to compensate for Nightmare.
C-Points: 27 Total Map Points x 3 (Life Modifier) = 81, round to 80

No Regeneration Challenges:
Hold Your Breath:
Trident -> Azura -> Aquarium
50 C-Points

A set of maps where drowning damage is used as a primary challenge. I think it would be interesting with a No-Regen modifier.
C-Points: 26 Total map Points x 2 (Regen Modifier) = 52, round down to 50.

Heat Miser:
Fire & Ice Maze -> Lava Maze -> Freezerburn -> Duat
50 C-Points

A set of maze maps where burning to the lava walls will likely spell death.
C-Points: 27 Total Map Points x 2 (Regen Modifier) = 54, round down for 50.

No Sprinting:
White Walkers 2 (Credit to Shpeckly):
Journey -> Hangar -> Piece of Cake -> Sanctuary ->Coral -> Space Race -> Over the Rainbow -> Mystic Cavern
100 C-Points

Replaced Ant Hill/Coral with Sanctuary and The Snowman. I personally loved White Walkers 1 and would love to see it return with these new white pure parkour maps.
C-Points: 8 Total Map Points + Extremely Hard Modifier. Current White Walker is 100. Since this new pack has some easier maps, I think 100 is fair.

Non-Modified Challenges:
The Journey Continues:
Shrine -> Voodoo -> Wormhole
30 C-Points

A sequel to "A Journey Awaits". A set of moderately difficult, well-made adventure maps.
C-Points: 18 Total Map Points x 1.5 = 27, round to 30

Journey's End:
Dragon Age -> Nightmare Fuel -> Arrowhead
50 C-Points

The finale of a "Journey" challenge series. A set of difficult, well-made adventure maps.
C-Points: 36 Total Map Points x 1.5 = 54, round to 50

Insane Parkour Pack 4: Caverns and Dragons (Credit to Lan)
Sheol -> Halcyon -> Happy Thoughts -> Oculus(?)
200 C-Points

I like the insane parkour packs and with the, possible, addition of Oculus into this I think that these 4 are enough to give it a new map pack.
C-Points: 100 Total Map Points x 2 (Matching with other Insane Packs) = 200

That's all the ones I have so far! Let me know what y'all think of the names/point values for them.

Edit: Replaced The Snowman with Coral
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Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
First Date
The Great Escape
Time Traveler
Seamus, Jonas and Rickard
Hold Your Breath
Heat Miser
White Walkers 2
The Journey Continues
Journey's End
Broken Heart (Heartless Soul Link)

EDIT: I want to wait for a fourth black map to be released before insane4.
EDIT2: Appended Crayons to Free Fallin'. First page of times have been wiped.
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