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Challenge Ideas

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May 13, 2015
I know Hex made a thread exactly like this, but that was nearly a year ago and I didn't want to necro post, so I'll have my own go. A few of these maps are under maintenance right now, so this is assuming that those will be out of it at some point.

Intermediate Puzzle Pack:
1. Festival
2. The Return
3. The Prestige
4. Birds of Paradise
5. Iron Door

Hard Puzzle Pack:
1. Inaros
2. Viae
3. Minecorp
4. Serene
5. Vares Sert

Intermediate Maze Pack:
1. Spectrum
2. The Minotaur's Labyrinth
3. Pistomatic
4. Sssnake
5. 154
6. To Be Kind

Hard Maze Pack:
1. Necropolis
2. Invictus
3. Aquarium
4. Shri Tra Savern
5. Grid Hopper

Insane Parkour Pack:
1. Agni
2. In Rainbows
3. Retrograde
4. Outpost
5. Redstone Ready

Maze Competition Trials 2018:
1. A Dwarven Playground
2. The Crooked Forest

3. The Exit
4. IKEAmaze
5. The Minotaur's Labyrinth
6. To Be Kind

7. Necropolis
8. Grid Hopper

Pack of Packs:
2. New Year's Eve
3. CUBE-ert
4. Nightmare Button
5. The Face
6. The Great Race I
7. The Great Race II

8. Button Button
9. Mean Greenie
10. Minecorp
11. Monkey Trumpets
12. Sanitarium
13. Solstice
14. Teddy's X-mas
15. The Big Egyptian
16. The Congo
17. Torsion
18. Trapapalooza

1. Wool Town
2. Eternity
3. The Story
5. The Gallery
6. Emerald of Time
7. Halls of Contrast
8. Divergence
9. Hel
10. Village
11. Janus Labs
12. Gebul
13. Valentine
14. Pandemonium
15. Departure
16. Tulip Among Grass
17. Storm
18. Agni
19. Serene
20. Tulip Among Tulip
21. Inaros
22. Outpost
23. To Be Kind
I think that, of all the other creator packs, this one would be the most interesting to have in chronological order.

1. Fusion Parkour
2. Memories Stage 1
3. Shroomville
4. Wolly Creeper

5. Atari
6. Detention
7. Freezerburn
8. Mirrored
9. Spectrum
10. Tower Prowl

11. Detention 2
12. Night Light
13. Prismarine Green
14. Trials of the Beast

15. World Two-ur

Trials of Herobrine:
1. A Dwarven Playground
2. Athenai
3. Roller Mirrors

4. Kraze Vil
5. Path of Choices
6. The Return

Follow Freeman:
1. Carpe Diem
2. Wonderful Wonderful

3. The Recruit
4. The Prestige
5. Viae
6. Necropolis

7. In Rainbows

Brittle Bones:
1. Apoco
2. Chaos
3. Bugs
4. Mineco
- 1 HP
- No Regeneration
- No Checkpoints

Crippled Classics:
1. Old Level 2
2. Lava Parkour
3. Sky Parkour

4. Hell Parkour
5. Mob Parkour (New Version)
6. Tower Parkour
7. Mineco
- No Sprint


1. Pumpkin Pot
2. Haunted Tower
3. Funhouse
4. Grave Omnious
5. The Hungry Tree
6. Evil Chicken
7. Pixi's Carnival Games
8. Roller Mirrors
9. HELLter Skelter
10. Fortunes and Skulls
11. Monster Mash
12. ONAM
13. Ghidora Manor
14. Spooky Minr

Winter is Coming:
1. Winter Fun
2. Winter Tide
3. Frosty City

3. Xmas Parkour
4. Crazy Cane
5. Snow Fort
6. Teddy's Xmas
7. Kakashi

That's all of them for now. I'll add more to this list if/when I come up with some more. If you have some ideas of your own, post them here!
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May 13, 2015
Thought this might be better to put here rather than create a whole suggestion thread for it: Kakashi ought to be added to the co-op challenge, and though the times might have to wiped because beating the top times will be impossible with it added, it seems like a no-brainer to me as Kakashi is an excellent co-op map.


Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
Kakashi added to co-op and unbeatable times wiped (as well as unbeatable Blue Oceans times as well).

Added these challenges! Point values were calculated by adding the total FFA point value for the maps and rounding up to the nearest 5, 10 (for larger packs), or down if it seemed too much. Didn't add the intermediate puzzle pack as Inaros isn't accessible atm and not sure what could replace that.

As for the Brittle Bones challenge, challenges can't do that yet, though it's a good suggestion for ricky to implement sometime (hi rick)

Thanks for the suggestions, have fun with the challenges :)


Nov 18, 2013
Cheesefest, freeman and herobrine appeared to be broken(?) they were nulls rewarding 0 cpoints and no maps...
Re-added them so they should be working again, will be investigating why they broke.


May 13, 2015
@rebplane @rickyboy320 thanks so much for adding them! SPOOKY is still "null", and as for Brittle Bones, I figured that one way the 1HP thing could be done is to make the player start in a room that forces them to take 19 damage, that plus no regeneration means permanent 1HP.

Edit: After trying out Crippled Classics, it seems Mineco ought to be moved to the end of the challenge instead of the beginning. Mineco is hell without sprint, especially the TNT room.

Another Edit: For got to add Tower Parkour to the list for Crippled Classics, that should go in as well.
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May 13, 2015
Any particular reason why outpost is not in my pack?
I figured since Outpost is in the Zath pack, it would be a pain for players going through both yours and Zath's to do Outpost twice. But now that you've brought it up, I see now that it would be best if Outpost was in yours as well since it's made by both of you.


Nov 18, 2013
No idea what happened, but spooky broke once again (even 'crashing' the server upon shutdown...).
I'll keep that one disabled until I figure out what happened / fix the issue.

EDIT: also seems to have taken the hard puzzle pack with it... hmh
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May 13, 2015
Not sure what it'd be called or if he has enough maps, but something for minty?
I’d say 5 maps is about the ideal amount for a map pack, if a given creator has 4 enough people want it, I suppose one could be made for them. What maps has minty made again? All the ones I know off the top of my head are Breaking Free and Mint’s Trials, though I think he’s made a couple others...

Edit: Ok, so...

Fresh Pack
1. Minr Airlines
2. Mint's Trials
3. Breaking Free
4. Spooky Minr
5. Zarklin Ruins

Should be updated with Evulsion and/or Minetech added if/when they come out of HC.
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Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
I had another idea:

Satan's Pit
1. HELLter Skelter
2. Demon
3. Demonic
4. Eternity
5. Hell Parkour
6. The Bad Ending
7. The Nether Lab
8. To Be Kind
9. Zurdite

10. Hell2Heaven
11. Trial of the Beast

12. Agni
13. Trek

I was also considering The Great Race 3, Biome Parkour, and World Two-Ur, but am unsure because they only have nether-sections (although Two-Ur's is infamous).


May 13, 2015
That’s pretty good except for The Nether Lab, which has nothing to do with the nether except its name, so IMO it doesn’t belong.

Also Zurdite?


Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
I've never actually played the nether lab, and the plot of zurdite is that he's some kind of evil demon thing (and the end is very nethery)


May 13, 2015
Good, don’t play the nether lab. It’s perhaps the worst map in FFA rn after the last denom ballot, next to Candyland. Either way it shouldn’t be in the challenge.
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