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Challenges & Parties Update

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Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
A new update is here, with two revamped challenge modifiers and some new party features!


Soul Link

Soul Link challenges are now party-based.
  • Soul Link challenges must be attempted by a whole party.
    • You must be the leader of a party to join a Soul Link challenge.
    • Party auto-warping must be on in order to join.
  • As usual, if any party member dies, the whole party dies.
    • Getting killed by a player you are Soul Linked to now has a special death message.
  • To set a checkpoint or finish a map in a Soul Link challenge, all party members must click the checkpoint or finish sign together.

The Soul Link modifier is now a valued modifier.
  • The value of the Soul Link modifier dictates the minimum party size.
  • If the party size falls below this threshold, everyone fails the challenge immediately.
    • There is no upper bound on the party size.
  • The minimum value for a Soul Link modifier is 2. It has no upper bound.

Failing or exiting a Soul Link challenge will generally eject you from the party.
Conversely, exiting the party will fail your Soul Link challenge.​

Clicking a checkpoint or finish sign an additional time during the 3.5s window will now reset the window instead of starting a new one.
Spam-clicking checkpoint and finish signs no longer spams the player with messages.​

Player challenge links have been removed.
Anyone in a Soul Link challenge will be moved into a party with their former challenge link.​

Improved soul link-related messaging.

Limited Checkpoints

The No Checkpoints challenge modifier has been replaced with a Limited Checkpoints modifier.
  • The value of the modifier determines the maximum number of checkpoints you are allowed to set across the entire challenge.
  • Setting your checkpoint somewhere will decrement your remining checkpoints count by 1.
  • Once it reaches zero, you may no longer set any checkpoints for the rest of the challenge.
  • When entering a map (excluding the first stage), your checkpoint will not automatically be set to the starting checkpoint. If you wish to set your checkpoint there, you can do so by clicking the starting checkpoint sign.

If you set your checkpoint to a mid-checkpoint, when you finish the map it will degrade back to the starting checkpoint.

  • This is because you cannot start maps from a mid-checkpoint.
  • Checkpoint degradation does not consume a checkpoint.
  • This already happens when completing maps, even outside of challenges, but the effect is usually not noticeable.

Checkpoints are not permanently unlocked. If you set your checkpoint to a checkpoint you had previously (but don't have currently), this will consume a checkpoint.
However, the starting checkpoint of the first stage is always free.​

In Soul Link challenges, checkpoints will only be consumed when clicked on by all players together.

The Life Challenge modifier has been renamed to Limited Lives.

New Challenges

We have added four new challenges to showcase these revamped challenge modifiers.

Group Date
Reward: 35 Challenge Points

A relaxing stroll through nature, topped off by a three-person sign snipe.

- Soul Link 3

- Gardenhead
- Yokai
- Valentine

Geometrical Dominator
Reward: 100 Challenge Points

Replacing the existing challenge of the same name, checkpoints are both your friend and your enemy as you climb the cities of the void.

- Limited Checkpoints: 6

- Clutterfunk
- Electrodynamix
- Theory of Everything

Running on Fumes
Reward: 180 Challenge Points

Complete the paths of Civilisation and Ruin from HCs 4.1 and 5.0, but with even less than what we gave the blues of years gone by.

Available in the Mimic hub.

- Limited Checkpoints: 3
- No Food

- Mimic: Pixel Parkour
- Mimic: Aquarium
- Mimic: Viemort
- Mimic: Funkytown
- Mimic: MineCorp
- Mimic: Tower Parkour
- Mimic: Sra
- Mimic: Telepads
- Mimic: Elusion
- Mimic: Soar's Doormaze
- Mimic: Jiga's Claymaze

Escort In The Twilight
Reward: 888 Challenge Points

This new epic challenge is the true embodiment of Soul Link chaos.

- Soul Link: 8

- End of World
- Corrupt
- Chaos
- Wretched Earth
- Atonement
- Trials of the Beast
- Nightmare
- Rapture

Parties & Messaging

/msg now supports multiple comma-separated targets. The styling of private messages has been changed to support this.

To support Party Soul Link, parties now persist across server restarts.

The leader may now leave their party at any time.
  • If there are other members still in the party, the oldest member will assume the leadership.
    If the party is now empty, it will be disbanded.
Party invitations have been improved.
  • By default, all party members can now issue party invitations.
    • This behaviour can be controlled by the party leader with /party set allinvite.
  • You may now invite offline players.
  • Accepting an invitation while in another party will now cause you to automatically leave your current party.
The command for enabling or disabling party auto-warping has been changed to /party set warp enable|disable.
Party auto-warping may be disabled by default with /party set warp disable default.

The circumstances in which the party leader joining a map will attempt to warp the party have been narrowed.

The ordering of party-related system messages is now consistent across the party leader and other members.

Bugfixes & Minor Changes

Fixed a bug where sometimes challenge timers wouldn't be started.
Fixed a bug where /challenge restart would cause you to fail your Soul Link challenge.
Fixed a bug where you could target yourself with /party invite.
Fixed a bug where the party leader's name was improperly formatted in the party map warp message.
Fixed an exploit where quitting to spawn during a life challenge then rejoining your map would allow you to cheat death.
The warning from /checkpoint ffa has been removed.
Some error messages when attempting to join maps when you aren't allowed to have been improved.
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