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Challenges Update


Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
As some of you have pointed out, our challenge maintenance has been quite… not there as of late. And so, we are announcing many new challenges and a brand new challenge hub today! As well, many of the old challenges were outdated due to maps becoming inaccessible, so those have been updated. As much as I like fun challenges that are not simply just maps strung together, you will notice that the amount of short easy challenges have increased, as we are dry on easy challenges. As well, there are many "difficulty" categories of this type being added aimed at newer players as opposed to older ones.

Check out the challenge hub today and explore the new things! It has been made to be more white friendly, as I believe the old challenge hub greatly needed that. Therefore, the advanced challenges are only accessible to blues+. (They can still join with commands, they just won’t stumble into them as easily).

A spreadsheet has been made that lists all the challenges (thanks creeperTNT): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K9a20e-HLj-v-7HqrxPWSu77Q8d9iL1nG0FNpGdX8Y0/edit#gid=0

The orange cells are challenges that are new. The blue cells are challenges that have been updated. I will remove these colors in 2 weeks, once everybody has had the chance to look at it.

The difficulties are ordered like so:
10-20 Very Easy
20-29 Easy
30-49 Novice
50-69 Moderate
70-99 Hard
100-149 Very Hard
150-499 Extreme
500+ Legendary (POH, Hexa, Badlands)

(Before anyone mentions it, I put white waders and blue oceans into easier categories as their point reward is based on its length, and not difficulty, and I want to have them on the easy boards)

The “Editable” column basically means, “Will we add more maps to the challenge in the future?”. If it says no, you can speedrun them and not worry about your times being wiped, as no more maps will ever be added to the challenge pack.

I will post a google docs soon listing out the maps in all the challenges for future reference, in the case that something happens and a map goes missing from a challenge, letting us restore it easily.

Special notes:

-On the event that a map needs to be added to a pack, your completion will remain but unbeatable times will be wiped (judged accordingly). If you want to speedrun a pack, speedrun the non-editable packs listen on the spreadsheet. If a non-editable challenge has a map that enters HC, it will be replaced by a map that is alike in difficulty/category.

-The insane pack is split up in the case that more insane maps are added, as to not make the challenge incredibly long. Once ~4 more black maps are made, a new challenge will be made.

-Agni will be readded to ATeam once it returns - ATeam has been made inaccessible until that point.

-The yearly challenge packs and creator packs still over-reward challenge points, but I decided to leave them as they are special.

-I redid all of the “Beginner/Intermediate/Hard” challenges, as they were all outdated and many new maps had been added to those categories or switched difficulties. (e.g. Intermediate PK had only A Whittle Story and Rush, Hard PK had a random assortment of colors). Sorry if you had previously beaten one of these challenges, but most of them were lacking in maps as they had become inaccessible due to Hardcore.

-Feel free to keep suggesting challenges or tell me if I forgot to add something you wanted! You can use this thread. Make sure they're unique and fun to play as opposed to just maps one after another (e.g. challenges like rivers run red, satan, etc. don't offer much content). You guys are doing well so far!

Challenges removed:
Colors of the Rainbow (I don't even know what this is supposed to be anymore)
Snacky Salad (replaced by Tasty Planet)
Sweet Starvation (see famished ascent)
Famished Ascent (the no food challenges are now outdated due to saturation and there is no simple fix)
Walking Wanderer, which seemed to be random maps put together, has been replaced by “The Bane of Blues”
Black & White (there's too many *only expert maps* packs, and adding white maps in between doesn't really help make it different)

Once again, I'm sorry if a challenge you had previously beaten got deleted, this is a one time cleanup of challenges and it won't happen again. Challenges have failed to be organized until now so removing some was necessary for organization purposes. I wanted to keep future players in mind rather than old completions, as it would make it more fair.

Thanks to rmanimal and chayos for the setup!
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