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Change the availability of Hardcore


New Fish
Dec 14, 2021
Oh boy, my first forum.

While I've been playing in Minr, I noticed that a large fraction of the players online are white, at least compared to blues. From this I think that a lot of newcomers are discouraged by the 100 point requirement of entering Hardcore. This is why most people leave this server quickly. I believe that allowing newcomers to complete a fraction of hardcore before needing any points will help get people to stay. For example, we can have 50 points required for entering choice and 100 for entering endurance (Introduction will be already available). For becoming a blue, the same 100 point requirement can still be used. I think that we will be seeing many more people in hardcore with this change.


always in a Gouda mood
Oct 28, 2013
There have historically always been far more white players than blues and greens. I don't think we are hard-pressed at all to try to overhaul the system. More players in HC would result in more cheaters - we like to encourage people to experience what the server has to offer first before they step into it.


Well-Known Player
Oct 26, 2017
I agree that it can be discouraging when you are new to the server.
However, it can be more discouraging to play the first map of hardcore and have no knowledge of the intricacies of mazes and puzzles on Minr (or parkour). Basically the blue requirement is an attempt to prepare people for what’s to come in hardcore instead of just jumping right into it. After being forced to play 5 yellow maps people might get a feel for how maps on Minr are.

I feel that it also help separate dedicated whities from those who are just here for a few maps. Having this system is good challenge for newer members to become part of the community, rewarding them when they reach blue and are congratulated. I feel removing this would remove an essential part of what makes Minr so great.

I can definitely understand where you are coming from, and many of your points aren’t unfounded. But I feel it’s better the way it is.