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Event Civilization Minr


not yet the future
Jun 13, 2020


Civilization Minr is a multi-week event where members of the green+ community work together to build a town.

Beside a bay on the continent of Theta, a sleepy town fell under a terrible curse. It poisoned the land, causing crops to wilt and livestock to sicken. In desperation, many villagers fled. Only those who left survived.

Generations later you, the descendants of those who were driven out, return to reclaim your homeland. You plan to rebuild the town and fight back the curse that plagues your people. Will you succeed?

Only time will tell.

How does it work?

Each week Objectives will be revealed which must be completed by the end of the week for the town to survive. Objectives provide a direction for building, but anything can be built in Civilization Minr as long as it conforms to the BUILD GUIDELINES.

Each Week ends on Saturday at midnight. Sunday is spent setting up the next week.

For each Objective completed before Sunday, the town gains one point. There are four objectives each week, totaling 4 points. On Sunday a random number between 1 to 6 will be drawn. If the number drawn is equal to or above the number of points the town has, something bad will happen.

To give the town more opportunities to score points, there are two Bonus Objectives. Each week I have a secret list of builds I would like to see built. If any of them are built that build will get one Bonus Point. This means by Sunday if all Objectives and Bonus Objectives are gained by the town, they will have a 5/6 chance of succeeding.

Build Guidelines
The region for the event is enclosed by buoys in the water around the peninsula.
  • This is a safe space for builds
    • This is not a building competition. Please be polite to other people’s builds, they are not yours. There is no obligation to build a certain way.
  • Keep the build to the time period
    • There will be a post when this changes, but for now, keep creations vaguely medieval / fantasy themed.
  • Place a sign on your build saying who built it
    • See next rule
  • Ask before adding onto or modifying anyone else’s build
    • This is a cooperative building experience, but if someone wants to work on their own that’s okay! If a build has more then one creator, make sure to ask all of them.
  • Don’t claim more land than you need
    • All extra claimed land will go away at the end of each week, and all unfinished builds will be removed unless a player asks for an extension.
  • No meme builds
    • Jokes should be kept to the area outside the build region, such as on the other side of the bay.
  • Don't ask for Large world edits.
    • If you can't do it by hand, it's probably too big for the event.
Please do not region protect your builds, since this is a green+ event there is no reason to.


I want to participate but I’m not good at building!
Don’t worry! No one is going to criticize your build. This is supposed to be a positive space for working together. However, if you aren’t happy with a build you made another player would be more than happy to help spruce it up.

I’m not sure I have enough free time to do an objective.
Participants can hop in or out whenever they want. There’s no obligation by joining this event. If you’d just like to help add something to a build, simply ask whoever made it. Besides, you only have a week to complete each objective, so it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Do I have to roleplay?

This is not a role-playing game. You aren’t playing a character, you’re playing yourself. Think of it more as a world-building experience. Feel free to add backstories to the builds you create, or come up with people who live in the town!

Can I build ___?
As long as it doesn’t break any of the Build Guidelines, yes. But please don’t make me have to add any new guidelines.


Use /warp civ to get to the event area! More updates will be posted here as the event continues.

Just remember, this is supposed to be laid back event with the purpose of letting players build without the pressure of releasing a map. Don't take it too seriously :)
Have fun!


not yet the future
Jun 13, 2020
Someone set up a Bulletin Board to gather ideas for a name for the town, so I decided to make a poll to decide what name to choose! Pick your top three from this list!


The town name will be revealed by the end of the week.


not yet the future
Jun 13, 2020
(Watch the video first)


You completed every Objective this week, and one Bonus Objective. Good job! Unfortunately, the odds were not in your favor.
A 6 was rolled and the town was raided.

The Curse that drove away the peninsula's original inhabitants has reared its ugly head once again, destroying the camp you set up. Don't worry! Your build is not gone! The town at the end of week one has been moved to The Archives, where you will be able to view each of the weeks independent of each other. There is a teleport on the central island to The Archives.

Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to build something more permanent?

It was a very close race, but the town name has been decided to be Wolfpine! Who knows how this will affect the town's development. Perhaps it will adopt a colder appearance?

Week two begins now! First steps will be clearing the debris left by The Curse, but there is a much fuller docket this week. Building houses, fortifications, and farms are all to-do, so let's work together and get it done!


not yet the future
Jun 13, 2020


You completed every Objective this week, The Curse Objective, and one Bonus Objective (building a blacksmith). Good job! A two was rolled, so the town is safe this week.

A snapshot of the town at the end of week two can be found in The Archives.

At the end of the week, two floating islands appeared in the sky, with strange humming monoliths. Which one will the town choose to follow? Expand the technology of the town, or delve into magic? Vote by writing your name on a piece of paper and placing it in the hopper. Results will be tallied at the end of the week.

Week three begins now! Trade, Religion, Infrastructure, this week is about giving the town its own personality!