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Resolved Client-side mods

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New Fish
Jun 7, 2020
After seeing rickyboy's post on the recent change whereby clients with non-whitelisted mods will no longer be able to connect, I thought I would make a post with a list of several mods I believe should be whitelisted (many of which I use). None of these mods provide features which alter survival gameplay (ie in maps), and only some of them provide features which make creative building marginally more pleasant. Several are simply rendering mods, which allow Minecraft to run at over 30FPS with some nice visual features.

#1: Fabric
Simply a mod loader - does not contain any gameplay altering features on its own. A lightweight alternative to other mod loaders such as Forge, which works with the default vanilla launcher.

#2: Malilib
An API for other mods that again has no gameplay-altering (or in fact any at all) features on its own.

#3: Sodium
An alternative to Optifine, which vastly improves the vanilla rendering engine without altering gameplay at all. Huge visual improvements (boosts my FPS by 2-3x).

#4: Mod Menu
No features of its own: just adds settings for other client-side mods which are installed.

#5: MiniHUD
A mod which displays configurable overlays, and enables customisation of the F3 screen. For example, I like to play with coordinates and targeted block on, but find that the F3 screen is too big, so this mod gives me a configurable overlay that replaces the vanilla debug menu. Additionally, it overlays shapes such as circles of configurable radius in-game, which I recently used to build a circular base in a map very easily without relying on external tools that are difficult to copy quickly. I find this mod helpful for creative building (overlays), which I would not personally count as gameplay altering, and for general gameplay (displaying helpful information available with the vanilla client without overcrowding the screen like the debug menu), and therefore believe it should be whitelisted.

#6: Lamb Dynamic Lights
Dynamic lights mod - makes entities holding torches etc emit light (exactly the same as the Optifine feature with the same name)

#7: Logical Zoom
A replacement for the Optifine zoom feature which works with the aforementioned Sodium.

#8: Litematica
Probably the most controversial one so far. Litematica allows you to create schematics, which are essentially moveable overlays which show you what a build from another world would look like in certain locations. It does not actually place blocks for you, or affect what the world looks like for anyone else, simply shows you what a structure would look like in a world before you actually build it. I frequently use this in survival Minecraft to build redstone machines which I have designed in creative block-for-block without a chance of mis-copying something and breaking the whole structure. On Minr, it is useful if I have built something in a singleplayer world or the test server in order to see which location would fit it, if I have space somewhere etc. Not gameplay altering, only ever useful in creative to aid with building.

#9: Crafting Tweaks
Adds a bunch of tweaks to make crafting less tedious - does not really help alter gameplay on Minr at all.

#10: Item Scroller
An inventory tweaking mod very popular with technical players which just makes inventory management a lot more pleasant. Does not allow duplicating items or anything like that, just moving inventories etc around.

#11: Performant
A mod which heavily reduces block lag on client-side worlds. Has no effect on servers.

#12: Phosphor
Another lighting overhaul mod, which massively improves the vanilla lighting engine. No gameplay features at all.

#13: Tweakeroo
I really don't expect this one to get whitelisted at all, which is entirely fair because it can in many circumstances be used to cheat, but it does have some very useful features which I use in creative building and outside of Minr in my own survival world. My favourite is the chestplate-elytra swap, which adds a configurable hotkey to swap between wearing an elytra and a chestplate in your inventory (which is obviously not relevant to Minr but shows the kind of tweaks it adds. The "cheatiest" one I use is the ability to right-click on air blocks while in creative, which enables you to place blocks in mid-air (bypassing the need to pillar up/bridge out several hundred blocks or ask an admin for a single setblock command). It also adds several fast-placement options, which allow you to fill a large plane when building very easily without placing incorrectly or giving yourself carpal tunnel syndrome. While I do really like this mod for building, I would completely understand if it were not whitelisted, because many of the features it has can certainly be used to alter gameplay even in survival (no, I have not used these features).

Thanks for reading - I really hope you take a lot of these suggestions on board, as these mods are genuinely useful for creative building and general quality-of-life changes.

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New Fish
Nov 18, 2020
I usually use Sodium, Lithium and Phosphor in conjunction with each other, which makes my usual frames per seconds from around 80 to around 300 on average. I feel like many people with low-end computers would benefit from having performance-enhancing mods allowed; myself included. ^^

This is Lithium btw: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/lithium
Also, just performance enhancing.


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
Unfortunately, we can't whitelist any Fabric-based mods. Due to Fabric's limited API, it is not possible to be able whitelist specific mods on Fabric. Sorry!


Penguin Master
Nov 18, 2013
I usually use Sodium, Lithium and Phosphor in conjunction with each other, which makes my usual frames per seconds from around 80 to around 300 on average. I feel like many people with low-end computers would benefit from having performance-enhancing mods allowed; myself included. ^^
Just for my information, is Sodium significantly better than Optifine?


New Fish
Nov 18, 2020
Just for my information, is Sodium significantly better than Optifine?
Yes, I would definitely say so. Currently, on Optifine, I get 200 fps with some lag spikes, while on Sodium, Lithium + Phosphor, I average at 300-500 fps with no spikes at all.

I would definitely say that you should try out Sodium, Lithium and Phosphor for yourself, and you might be surprised how much it is improved.

And with Optifine, you get to use a zoom feature and some others, like being able to turn off void fog, which Sodium, Lithium and Phosphor do not have as it is only performance and no additional features.
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