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Maintenance (Completed) HC Maintenance on August 28/29


always in a guda mood
Oct 28, 2013
Greetings and salutations. I'm sure all you blues and new greens have had a boatload of fun with HC10.0, which is why we decided to make it even better! Hardcore will be receiving an update to version 10.1 tomorrow. It will start at 12am UTC (00:00 UTC, Saturday morning) and it will last for an indeterminate amount of time .

The core design of HC will remain the same, with 15 levels and three paths to choose that span levels 5-7. The focus of this update is to improve the balance of the three paths and to lower the tedium that came along with some of the maps from the original design. Note that this update will not make HC particularly harder or easier than before, so there is no need to rush ahead before tomorrow. More details on the design will be posted in this thread after the maintenance has concluded.

Your HC position will automatically be updated to an equivalent spot in the new HC version when maintenance is finished. If you somehow have lost your progress, please post in this thread or in Discord informing staff. You will have up to 1 month to reclaim your HC spot if it is lost. Any lost checkpoint after this point may require players to restart.

Please report any bugs/features not working properly that you may find in the new HC. This can be done in this thread, or in Discord via private message to a staff member.
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always in a guda mood
Oct 28, 2013
The maintenance is over. Here is the design of the new HC:

Notes of changes:
  • Paisley Prison has been removed from the rotation, as it has not proven to be an effective map in its position. This map will be put into FFA.
  • Construction (Previously HC-12), has been moved into the HC2 slot to fill the gap left by removing Paisley.
  • Vil Bo and Wolly Mammoth have been swapped. Food remains the same.
  • Prismarine Green (PRE-1) has received significant buffs as to increase the difficulty of the Precision path.
  • Imperceptible (INT-1) has been replaced with Necropolis.
  • The entire final gauntlet is now no-sprinting.
  • HC-12 has been changed from Construction to Sky Parkour.
  • The positions of Elusion and FDD have been swapped.


Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
Post in this thread if you were in HC-14 (Elusion: Remastered) or HC-15 (Jiga's Claymaze) at the time off the conversion and would like to be moved back to the start of the map you were in. This offer is only available for a month. It would likely be faster to make your own way back however.