(Completed) HC Maintenance on October 3


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Oct 28, 2013
A few weeks ago we asked the blues on the server for some feedback on the current HC iteration, and we got lots of it! Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey, even if it was in a fit of rage. We appreciate your feedback, and we hope that this revised design will be more enjoyable across the board.

HC 11.1 will be an update to the existing 11.0, making it overall easier than before due to overwhelming feedback and an observable dip in player count that we've been experiencing lately. The structure will remain the same, but there are a few map swap-outs as well as some QoL changes that will make your experience in HC more pleasant.

The maintenance will occur this Sunday, October 3rd, at 7PM UTC. (That's 2pm EST). Please note that your checkpoint will be automatically converted during the maintenance, so you will not have to restart HC. If your checkpoint is broken by this update, post in the thread or DM one of the server staff over Discord and we will fix it for you.

The design of HC 11.1 will be posted here once maintenance is finished.

That's all for now!
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always in a guda mood
Oct 28, 2013
Maintenance is over, here is the updated HC:

List of changes:
- Added checkpoint to Eisengeist
- Replaced Vil Bo with Dust to Dust
- Replaced Duat with Necropolis
- Replaced Elusion with Neptune
- Removed final level from Jump for Joy (it still exists, you just don't have to do it for HC)
- Replaced The Magic Tower with Framed
- Made it so if you die in HC9, you are sent back to HC8 instead of HC7
- Nerfed Palus well parkour
- Nerfed Piano Room final parkour, maze and search
- Added more food to Citrus and One Bad Fall
- Nerfed parkour in One Bad Fall
- Small pathing nerf to Cosmic Core
- Pathing nerf to Fissure
- Added more food to Fissure
- Made it so that you can skip past a challenge room in Fissure if you have already completed it on a given run
- Made boots in Fissure more durable

Thanks for your feedback everyone, and I hope this update proves to be more enjoyable overall!

If your checkpoint is broken by the conversion, please post in this thread or message me or another staff member on Discord.
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