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DOOM-ED Infinite mob spawners

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Apr 30, 2017
In DOOM-ED, walk scripts on the ground spawn mobs. Problem is, these have no cooldown and you can just jump on the block and spawn infinite mobs. This could be used to entity grief and lag the server, so I felt it worth reporting.

Level 1: -1405, 16, 2260 spawns infinite zombies

Found another in Level 2:
-1405, 20, 2174

Infinite spider spawn in Level 2:
-1411, 15, 2160

Another infinite spider spawn in Level 3:
-1330, 33, 2174

Infinite slime mob spawner in Level 3:
-1313, 23, 2168

Infinite zombie spawner in level 3:
-1318, 33, 2199

Infinite magma cube spawner in Level 3:
-1327, 25, 2204

Infinite skeleton spawner in level 3:
-1306, 34, 2223

Infinite magma cube spawner in Level 3:
-1329, 21, 2226

Infinite magma cube spawner in level 3:
-1334, 21, 2235

Infinite spider spawner in Level 4:
-1376, 43, 2209

Infinite blaze spawner in Level 4:
-1394, 46, 2217

Infinite skeleton spawner in level 4:
-1413, 43, 2192

Infinite spider spawner in Level 4:
-1417, 53, 2194

In the level 5 maze, a bunch of plates spawn infinite mobs, but I didn't write down the coordinates for these, there are just a bunch in Yeroc's dirt maze.

In Level 6's boss room, you can literally spawn infinite ghasts and slimes/blazes etc just by running around.

There's probably more I missed, but these are the ones I found just by playing through casually.
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Berdst Friend
Mar 7, 2020
I didn't realize that's how it worked, but it definitely makes sense why so many mobs were spammed when I was playing through it. Even when not used maliciously, it completely ruins the gameplay if a player is unknowingly repeatedly activating these scripts. In level 2, I experienced rooms full of dozens (as in literally around 40) of mobs in a room, which led me to start brute forcing the codes rather than solving the level to avoid dying hundreds of times to mob spam.
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