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Dropper Section


Master of the Elements
Sep 27, 2019
Hey everyone !

After seeing new people asking in chat "where are the droppers ?" at least once a day, I think it could be an interesting idea to dedicate a stand to droppers.
The signs are scattered in the difficulties, and only nightmare tells the player it includes a dropper, the 256 drop says it includes puzzle and dropping 2 says it includes guess which makes it hard to discern unless you've played them or know about them.
We now have 3 droppers (and a 4th on board ?). It could be a simple stand like each color stand you see in the parkour section that would be noted "droppers" with blocks of the difficulty around (see approximate example below). That way, we can direct people to the dropper subsection located in the parkour section and they can check for themselves.


Berdst Friend
Mar 7, 2020
I don't know if we have enough droppers to warrant this quite yet. I am absolutely for adding the "dropper" tag to 256 and Dropping 2, but other than that I think they should stay with mixed parkour for now.


off the rails!!
Jul 26, 2019
A challenge pack called like 'Free Fallin' could exist that just continuously updates as more droppers are added. We could navigate newer players to just doing the challenge then as an alternate solution.


Board Grandpa
Jul 26, 2016
I definitely agree that a dropper wing would be a good idea, as it is the thing that people ask for the most that we don't have an easy way to direct them to, but we would need a higher number of droppers for that to be a worthwhile usage of space. A Droppercomp would be a fantastic idea, though without WorldEdit one's ability to create droppers is seriously hindered. A challenge could work for now.


Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
Oh yeah, I was gonna add the challenge. Someone else can if it's not there as you're reading this.


Active Player
May 18, 2020
Hex's idea of a droppercomp sounds really interesting, andit got me thinking that droppers are fairly unique in that they really don't require a lot of continuity to their gameplay compared to other maps, and in fact having very different droppers could be very interesting. It might be an awesome idea to have a dropper community project (maybe starting a few weeks after pcomp ends), where each person or group might build 1 or more droppers, and then they would all get put together into a map or two.