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Egghunt 3 - The Open World Egghunt!

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Jul 26, 2016
*drumroll please*

Myself (TheHexer) and chayos are excited to finally announce that the Open World Egghunt for Egghunt 3 is ready for release!
What will you encounter in this Egghunt, you might ask?
Well, there's eggs! So many eggs! There's quests! There are secrets, known and unknown! Go find out for yourself!
There are a multitude of cosmetics related to Egghunt this year! Here they all are:
1) Eggchild (Title) - Find 25% of all of the eggs in the Open World Egghunt.
2) Grown Egg (Title)- Find 50% of all of the eggs in the Open World Egghunt.
3) Elder Egg (Title) - Find 100% of all of the eggs in the Open World Egghunt.
4) Verdant (Hat) - 100% Layer 1.
5) Sandswept (Hat) - 100% Layer 2.
6) Glacial (Hat) - 100% Layer 3.
7) Eggtacular! (Trail) - 100% the whole event!

Rewards can be redeemed at the Reward Master's Shack.

Go see for yourself what the Open World Egghunt has to offer! To access this event, head to the Events Hub and click the Warp to Speggrunning and Open World sign!

Streaming/recording is completely acceptable!

Note: This is considered version 1.0 of the Open World Egghunt. Version 1.1 will be releasing later in the week. This will include some extra gameplay additions that we didn't have time for. Note that Eggtacular! and the layer hats won't be accessible until then, but fear not! There should be plenty of eggs to keep you occupied until then.
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Board Grandpa
Jul 26, 2016

Dear fellow egg enthusiasts. Bonus levels have sprung up on each of the layers, featuring a new set of eggs to acquire! Completing the bonus level, all of a layer's quests and finding all of its eggs will reward you with the Hat for that layer! But be warned. These bonus levels are hidden ruthlessly, and will take a monumental effort to find. Good luck!


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Nov 10, 2015
2021's Open World Egghunt has officially come to a close. Many hours were spent searching for eggs, and many, many items were sieved. Friends were gained, hidden NPCs were found, and most importantly, many, many, many eggs were found in their hiding spots. This event will stay open as a warp(/warp egghunt3) for greens if anyone wants to still enjoy the content, but there will be no cosmetics given out for the event past this point.

The Egghunt festivities are not yet complete, though. You still have the rest of this weekend to get times in the Speggrunning portion of the event, and we still have 5 tournament matches to finish. Stay tuned to the tournament thread for details on when the Runners-Up and Final matches will be.

We want to give the largest of thank yous to all of you who participated in the event, whether you played in the tournament, spent many late nights to gain 100% completion status or merely checked out the event area. It means the world to us that you participated, and we hope that you had a lot of fun.

Now it's time for some stats!
Total amount of eggs found by all players:

Sieve stats:
Total gravel sieved: 11633
Total ancient rocks crushed: 44767
Total amethyst dust sieved: 26369

Quest completions:
Farmer Joe's quest(1) - 120
Baldrick's quest(2) - 109
Eliott's quest(3) - 99
Jake's quest(4) - 96
Matt's quest(5) - 96
Xaviel's quest(6) - 66
Zenith's quest(7) - 70
Nanoka's quest(8) - 46
Agiel's quest(final) - 18

Cosmetic milestones reached:
Found 25% of all of the eggs in the Open World Egghunt:


Found 50% of all of the eggs in the Open World Egghunt:

Found 100% of all of the eggs in the Open World Egghunt.

100% Layer 1: 16
100% Layer 2: 13
100% Layer 3: 10

100% the whole event: 10

Fun fact: we had content for 7 layers


Board Grandpa
Jul 26, 2016
Cosmetics for this event have been given out! We had some data saving problems, so if you feel you earned a cosmetic but don't have access to it, please message me or chayos. As well, two of the layer heads are currently broken, but will be fixed on the next restart. The cosmetics for the other two parts of the event will be given out soon.

Note that you may not be able to access the hats in the cosmetics menu right now. You can equip them by going to /warp egghunt3hats for the time being.
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